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Why you need a VPN Router ?

VPN connections are just a breeze

Are you a privacy-sensitive internet user? If yes, you may be connecting all your gadgets for your VPN one by one. It is wise using a VPN router which lets you set up around six gadgets once.

When you set up a VPN to a router, you will enjoy the additional advantages to connect even more gadgets: now any gadget, regardless of whether it’s yours or it belongs to your visitor. It won’t matter whether you are connecting through Ethernet cable or WiFi since the results are all the same; more reliability and convenience.

vpn Router infographic


You don’t have to connect or reconnect

Among one of the most crucial things to remember when using a VPN safely is that you must remember to switch it on. This may sound like a small thing, but it may save a lot of trouble to most users. If you are not careful, you may end up connecting insecurely to your bank account or browsing other websites on an unencrypted connection.

But with a VPN router, you’re using the VPN service whenever you are online. This simply means that you won’t need to log into your VPN continuously for each and every device.


Functions on any gadget

Although apps and VPN software functions on a majority of platforms including Linux, iOS, Windows, Android, OSX, there are a number of limitations to what it can do. With a VPN router, you don’t have to worry about such limitations. Anything that can connect securely to your internet can be protected by the VPN service.

You can comfortably make use of your VPN on your smart TV or Xbox this way. The same happens for any other gadget which can connect securely through your VPN. Surely, you may watch any geo-restricted programs on your TV. This also means that all the data you may have on any gadget will be secure courtesy of the high-grade encryption. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

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