Why Is my Time Warner Internet So Slow All Of Sudden 2021

Why Is my Time Warner Internet So Slow All Of Sudden (Reason & Solution For Slow Spectrum Internet) 2021

Time Warner Internet So Slow All Of a Sudden

Are you currently having issues with your slow Time Warner internet speed? Do you need to check something online urgently and you have troubles with the speed?

No need to panic anymore with the few quick solutions we have for you. Check out this article, follow the various steps mentioned and surf swiftly.

Primary Causes of Slow Time Warner Internet Connection

A few things can influence or make your internet experience, in simple terms- surfing very frustrating. Sometimes, you might want to send an urgent message to someone or work on a project ASAP. On getting home, you see that the internet connection is slow.

However, here are a few things that can cause it:

  1. Bandwidth speed can influence your internet speed. If you are using a slow bandwidth speed, then you should expect a slow internet connection. Are you using the internet at home? I would recommend bandwidth speed between 10-20mbs.
  2. Viruses can be a big problem that can affect the speed of internet connection. Probably, these viruses are messing with your hosts’ bandwidths.
  3. The location of your router could also be a reason for slow internet connection. Where your router is very important, refrain from hiding your router under the table or somewhere hidden. This could affect the internet connection.

Things you can do while facing slow internet speed of Router:

The internet has become one of the places where you can do virtually anything easily and quickly.

Day by day as we depend on the internet for entertainment, completion of projects as well as research, getting a slow internet connection could be frustrating and annoying.

Fortunately, for you, we have collated a list of quick solutions to slow internet speed of your router.

Reboot Modem and Router

unplug modem and router

Rebooting your modem and router would help you secure a good and fast internet connection. Here are the steps for rebooting your modem and router.

  • The first thing to is turning off the computer.
  • Remove the power cord behind your modem. Detach the battery in case you also have voice service attached with battery backup.
  • Remove the power cord also from the router. You can omit this step in case you possess a gateway.
  • Wait a little bit for about 30 seconds; you can probably prepare some cereal while or make a cup of tea. This step is very important as you have no idea what is causing the slow connection.
  • Put the battery back (in case you removed it earlier)
  • Plug only the modem back.
  • Wait for the modem to reconnect for about two minutes.
  • Plug the router back.
  • Allow the router reconnect for about two minutes.
  • Put on the computer.
  • Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Check one or two websites on the internet.

Avoid Signal Blockers

Avoid Signal Blockers

Try to make a clear path for your router, as there are items that are capable of blocking your Wi-Fi signal. Make sure you do not place your router in a hidden place, place in the open.

In case your router is behind closed doors, open the door wide. Also, stay away from windows as it can block your Wi-Fi signal. Placing your router on the ground is not a good idea.

However, a few items or materials can also hinder your Wi-Fi signal; some of them includes Bricks, marbles, plaster, tinted glass, baby monitor, microwave, concrete, metal and so on.

Also, Read How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signals

Change the Place of Your Router

Change the Place of Router

Where you put your router is also very important. The position of your router in your home could be the reason while you are encountering bad or slow connection. Find a suitable area in your home to place your router.

According to technicians, in case you are making use of the Wi-Fi router throughout the house, it is advisable to place it closer to the center of your home, if possible the center. Probably, you have a particular room where you mostly make use of the internet; it is advisable to place your Wi-Fi router there.

Upgrade Router from 2.4 GHz to 5GHz

2.4GHz and 5GHz

Most computers support the use of 2.4GHz and 5GHz WI-FI for good internet connection. However, if your computer supports the use of 5GHz WI-FI, you are in for the best internet connection, mostly for close range surfing.

Most new devices, specifically those that support 802.11ac, would most definitely possess 5.0GHz. How do you now change your router from 2.4 to 5 GHz? Simple!

Upgrade your Wi-Fi router from 2.4GHz to 5GHz firstly by just finding out whether your computer supports the 5GHz broadcast channel. Secondly, log into your Wi-Fi router and put off the SSID Enable.

Channel Bandwidth

Channel width specifically tells us the amount of bandwidth utilized by your radio within the accessible spectrum range.

It is important to know that when we have more bandwidth, the internet connection speeds up and vice versa (more bandwidth= increased internet speed). Therefore, increasing your bandwidth can ensure a faster internet speed.

However, you should consider a few other things like if other homes in your neighborhood also make use of Wi-Fi routers, we would have “Wi-Fi interference.”

This would cause a slow internet speed. Reboot your router and modem; this would make your router choose the best channel bandwidth.

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