How To Get Better Wi-Fi? What is The Best Place for a Wireless Router?

How To Get Better Wi-Fi? What is The Best Place for Your Wireless Router?

Wondering what the best place to keep a wireless router is? Don’t worry. You just need to keep a few things in mind when placing a wireless router.

what is the best place for a wireless router?

Low internet connectivity can irritate when there is a massive workload and very little time in hand. In addition, we often call our internet service providers at odd hours when we face low signal strengths at home or office.

However, sometimes a small thing can make a major difference; for example, the weak signal strength of your wireless router due to the wrong placement of the router. 

You may be surprised to know that just a little alteration can bring in a lot of improvement in signal strength. It is not always the fault of your internet service provider. 

Therefore, the right location for your wireless router can serve you optimal network performance. 

This article will help you determine the perfect place for your wireless router, and I will also tell you what factors you need to keep in mind while placing the router. 

1. Physical Obstructions: Choose a common area with minimum distractions

Most of us stay in unit families in small apartments and use one wireless router for internet connectivity. If you wish to ensure smooth internet connectivity, place the wireless router in a central location. 

Choose an open place so that the signal strength is not distracted. Preferably place the router in a place that can be accessed from all directions, for example, the center table. If you place the router in a crowded room, the signal strength is most likely weak.

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2. Reflective Surfaces: Ensure the wireless router is not on a reflective surface.

You might be unaware that WIFI signals often bounce off reflective surfaces like metal, glass, and stainless steel. So, whenever you place your WIFI router, make sure you don’t keep it on a metal cabinet, glass table, or stainless-steel countertop. Wooden surfaces are best for keeping WIFI routers.

3. Appliances with the same band: Avoid wireless appliances under the same frequency

Silly habits like placing your phone near the WIFI router or placing the router near the baby monitor in your kid’s room can also result in low signal strengths. We recommend not keeping the wireless router near anything that sends wireless signals under the same frequency range. It could be anything from a microwave to a cell phone disrupting your internet signals.

4. Antennas adjustment: Move the antennas to adjust the signals

The antennas on the WIFI router are not just for show. You may be surprised to see how the antenna fine-tunes the signal strength when you move it. When all else fails, try moving the antenna slightly and see the difference.

5. Wi-Fi Repeater/extender: Use a signal booster if required

If you stay in a big house with too many rooms and you wish to access the internet from any corner of the house, its best to use a signal booster. You can also upgrade your internet router for stronger connectivity or use a Wi-Fi repeater. Its most effective when you have a separate floor in the same house.

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FAQs: What do most people often ask about Wi-Fi signal Strength? 

I Keep Chasing Signals At My Office; Why Do My Devices Frequently Lose The Wi-Fi Signal.

If you are often seen moving around with your phone and laptop chasing signals at home or in the office, you’ll need to look at every possible aspect of losing the signal. For example, physical obstructions, reflective surfaces, appliances using the same 2.4GHz band, adjustment of the router antennas, router’s placement, and of course, the range of your router. 

What Are The Possible Ways To Boost The Wi-Fi Signal Range? 

Before anything else, make sure you have a modern router. Then, you can try a wireless access point, Wi-Fi repeater/extender, or a mesh Wi-Fi system to boost the Wi-Fi signal range. 

Can Bad Weather Affect The Wi-Fi Signal? 

Yes, It is possible when the router is outside of your house. On the contrary, if your router is inside, as in most cases, there might be some other reason for inviting signal issues. 

Does It Require A Technician For The Router Placement? 

Placing the wireless router anywhere is easy. Any non-tech guy can do it because of two obvious reasons. First, it’s light in weight, and second, it’s wireless that requires a few plug-ins, which is very simple. 

Final Words

Therefore, we can say that whenever you are searching for an ideal place to place your wireless router, make sure you choose a place where the WIFI signals cannot be distracted or interfered with. 

Also, ensure that the WIFI router is not too away from client devices. If only you keep these factors in mind, I am sure you will face minimum connectivity issues. You can either use a booster or a separate router if all else fails for better connectivity.

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