Router’s Remote Access

How to remotely access your router

remotely access your router

Technological advancement has made the management of your router an easy and convenient affair. You don’t have to be on your network for you to manage your router. You can simply do so using remote router access feature. A router’s remote access refers to a feature which you can make use of to log into your router from any place as long as the location has internet coverage.

With this feature, you can manage your router just like you would do if you had logged into your router while you’re within the coverage of your home network. For instance, you may use the feature to set up your router or change its security settings. Isn’t that awesome?

However, we must agree that almost anything has its drawback(s) regardless of how good it is. On that note, remote access isn’t absolutely perfect. The feature is faced with numerous security threats. For instance, if someone is in possession of your router’s basic information (which can even be acquired through deceitful ways) and your router’s remote access is activated, he or she can theoretically log in to the router as long as he or she has an internet connection.

While logged into your router, the person can go ahead to perform malicious activities like changing the security features of your network. The change of the features could allow them to access your network anytime they so wish without restriction.

Just like any online activity, ensure that you put all possible threats into consideration prior to altering any feature of the settings of your router. You don’t want to do something that will cause more damages than benefits to your network, do you?

However, having considered the risks, you may still find it necessary to access your router remotely. You don’t need rocket science to do so. It is something you can learn in a few minutes. Well, let us stop beating around the bush and take you straight to the remote access process.

Enabling Remote Access and Accessing a Router Remotely

Our point of focus in this guide will be Linksys routers. Nevertheless, the process and the essentials cut nearly across the board. In other words, the guide is somehow a standard procedure of using remote access feature of a remote.

  • Step one: Logging in to a router
    login into routerThe first thing that you ought to do to be able to access your router from any place that has internet coverage is to enable the remote access feature.

    This will entail altering the settings of your router. Hence, first and foremost thing to do is logging into your router. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to access the web-based setup page of the router.

  • Step two: Activate remote management

    Activate remote management

    While on web-based setup page of the router, the next thing that you should do is to activate remote management.

    The activation is a breeze; just click ‘Administration’ and on that page, you’ll find ‘Remote Management.’ On ‘Remote Management’ you’ll see somewhere that you are given an option to enable the feature. Enable the remote management and click ‘save Settings’. Don’t leave the page with the settings not saved. Otherwise, you’ll have done nothing regarding enabling the feature.

    Besides, you ought to be able to establish the remote management port of your router on this page. The port is set to set to 8080 by default in the majority of routers, including Linksys.

    However, ensure that you check it out from the screen since it may be different in some cases.Before proceeding on to another step, it is worth remembering that your router can be accessed from any part of the globe once its remote access feature is enabled. As a result, your router becomes more vulnerable to hacking.

  • Step three: Take note of the WAN IP address of your router

    ip address

    As you already know, you must enter the LAN IP address of your router every time you login to it on your home or workplace network.

    On the other hand, the entering of the WAN IP address of your router is mandatory when it comes to remote access.

    You can get your router’s WAN IP address from any place on the internet.If you want to find the WAN IP address of your Linksys router from the router itself, you only have to click ‘Status’, ‘Internet’ and then ‘IP Address’. Having done that, you’ll see the number in the ‘IP Address’ section.

  • Step four: Access your router from any place with internet coverage

    managing remote access

    With the remote access feature active and having known the WAN IP address as well as the management port of your router, attempt to login to the from any place outside your network.

    Ensure that the area from where you’re accessing your router has internet coverage. You log in to the router by opening an internet browser followed by typing in of the WAN IP address and then enter the management port.

    Once you enter the details correctly, the browser will take you to the login page of your router. On the login page, log in to the router as you would usually do while on your own network.

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