Long Distance Wi-Fi Antenna: High Range 2021

Best Long Distance Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna (Powerful Range 5 to 50 Mile)

If in reality, your home or office needs long range wifi you have no choice rather than get the right long-range Wi-Fi antenna. Take an instance where your wi-fi is working perfectly well, and you move the workstation to the bedroom, and there is no signal.

Definitely, you need to extend the coverage area of the router by extra feet. To achieve this, you need a wifi antenna (high gain). The best wifi receivers thrive under specific niche applications.

Ask yourself, do I have the right information about outdoor wifi antenna? This will help you determine which wifi antenna is right for you.

In this article, we gathered what in our outlook feels to be the best long-range wi-fi booster.

Long Range Wi-Fi Receiver Recommendation

Bearifi 802.11ac Antenna. This is a long-range booster which uses unique BearExtender technology. It has a 10dBi deep-seated directional antenna and high-speed 802.11ac dual band.

It has sturdy water and dust resistant cover, and it easily connects to your computer and can extend the range from your PC. However, it doesn’t work as a repeater nor does it set up a new wifi hotspot.

According to research, many reviews by previous customers shows that Bearifi BearExtender 802.11ac is still the best wifi antenna for pc

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Benefits of having a Powerful Wi-Fi Antenna

  1. They can be permanently installed either in your house, workplace or outside.
  2. It is straightforward to create wifi hotspots using any typical router.
  3. Transmits long range wifi both on water and land.
  4. Using an ethernet cable, it can connect to your pc instantly.
  5. Less power consumption – connected devices don’t consume any power.
  6. It uses a single data and power cable.
  7. Requires no software installation, therefore, it is an easy set-up operation.

Top 7 Most Powerful Wi-Fi Antennas For Long-Range Reviewed

1. Bearifi Outdoor 802.11ac Dual Band 2.4/5

As described we found out that Bearifi 802.11ac is the best long range wifi antenna. It is highly rated on Amazon with numerous customer reviews are visible. Now that we already shared an overview of this receiver lets scribble down some great features.


  • It has a water and dust proof cover and therefore can be used on both land and water.
  • It has 2.4/5 GHz dual band.
  • It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is not compatible with Android, IOS, Mac OS X and Windows RT Tablet.
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2. TurboTenna NextG USB-Yagi Plug & Play 11N Long Range WiFi antenna

The NextG USB-Yagi long-range wi-fi antenna is developed to connect via USB to your laptop or desktop. It connects using any wireless-N wireless-G or wireless- B.

It extends wireless connection with a speed of up to 300 Mbp. The speed can be altered across various applications. Don’t get baffled when the wifi range is reduced by houses, trees, and other physical objects as TurboTenna NextG USB-Yagi long range wifi receiver is a perfect solution.


  • Has 2.4GHz high power speed which is recommended for a long distance wifi antenna.
  • It supports KALI Linux and Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10. No support for Mac OS.
  • Requires a few clicks to install making it easy to use.
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3. Proxicast 4G/LTE Cross-Polarized (MIMO) 7-10 dBi High-Gain Fixed-Mount Panel Antenna

Proxicast cross-polarized MIMO antenna has signals enhanced for any cellular application. Its compatibility with different cellular operators such as Verizon, Telus, Sprint, AT&T, Rogers, Bell Mobility, T-Mobility among others has never been questioned.

It also supports 3G, 4G / LTE. It is a perfect outdoor wifi antenna because its made of rust-free and robust hardware. It can be fitted on utility poles, rooftops, and surveillance trailers.


  • It is lightweight and waterproof making it a perfect external wifi booster.
  • It is specifically developed for 4G/LTE network.
  • It has a MIMO design, 10dBi and 75-degree cross-polarised directional beam width.
  • Requires two coax extension cables and 2x Female N connectors.
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4. TP-Link 2.4GHz 24dBi Directional Grid Parabolic Antenna

The TP-Link 2.4 GHz Parabolic antenna is a perfect fit for long range wifi dispersion. It is designed as an outdoor wifi antenna.

It is a 24 dBi directional operation receiver. It is designed for a range of up to 56 km. It has excellent performance as the surface is designed with a steel reflector.

It is easy to use and is compatible with routers, access points, network adapter and bridges along with other wireless devices.


  • It has a compact structure making the receiver resistant to wind.
  • It is easy to mount and install as it is lightweight and require no software installation.
  • With 24 dBi wifi can be distributed to an extremely long distance.
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5. Tupavco TP513 Yagi WiFi Antenna

The TP513 Yagi WiFi antenna is suitable for multipoint and directional band applications. It has 2.4GHz frequency. It comes along with industry standard and pigtail N-Female connectors.

This booster works well even without grounding. However, we recommend you add a surge protector to prevent lightning. It allows vertical and horizontal polarisation.


  • It has two U bolts which help during mounting on the pole.
  • Comes along with lightning protection making it more reliable and safe to use.
  • It has 2.4 GHz making it a perfect long distance wifi antenna.
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6. Proxicast 3G/4G/LTE Universal Wide Band 5 dBi Omni-Directional Paddle Antenna

The Proxicast Universal Omni-Directional Antenna is another long-range wi-fi antenna. It supports 3G, 4G/LTE, and GPS. The omnidirectional receiver supports service operators in both Canada and the US such as AT&T, Verizon, Telus, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell Mobility to mention.

This is the perfect booster for stationary and mobile applications. It is also highly compatible with routers from Cisco, Sierra wireless, Digi, Proxicast and even different modems.


  • It has 1575 MHz GPS frequency.
  • High compatible with 3G, 4G/LTE modems and broadband routers.
  • It has 5 dBi and can cover a wide range in your home area and compound.
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7. Tupavco TP542 Panel WiFi Antenna

The TP542 Panel WiFi booster is not just another long-range wi-fi antenna as it is designed with the modest technology. It is a dual band receiver with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency.

It can send its signals in one direction and is designed for stationary places. It also has an N-Female connector. Therefore, you can connect directly to devices such as Wireless access points, routers, and wifi cards.

Even though it is listed seventh, it is an ideal receiver for your house or building. It has an excellent rating on Amazon. Just try it.


  • It is easy to mount
  • the long-range wi-fi antenna comes along with U bolts, screws, and washers. – Pointing it in the right direction will improve the frequency of the signal.
  • It has a compact design making it economise on space.
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Still Confused? Let Us Help You

One of the most mind-boggling times come when selecting the most effective long-range wifi booster. To start with you need to have a vivid image of the wifi range.

2-5 dBi antenna is preferably for short range wifi distribution, and a case study could be a home, while 9 dBi antenna works well for long range wifi dispersion.

If you want to dispatch wifi from your office to your home which is a few miles away, you need 7-9 dBi antenna. The distance will determine the antenna to purchase.

For extended range wifi distribution, you need 2.4GHz frequency as 5GHz works perfectly for short range.

In summary, there are many long range wi-fi antennas available in the market but when buying one you need to have gone through a specific guide. We have described the easy tips to follow when purchasing your long range wifi booster.

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In Summary

In summary, there are numerous long-range wi-fi antennas in the market but selecting the best has never been an easy task.

To mention we recommend Bearifi 802.11ac Antenna as your receiver of choice, but we don’t limit you from exploring other boosters.

In a nutshell, pick the long-range wi-fi antenna that suits your application, and you will always stay connected.