How To Log Into a Verizon FIOS Router? 2022

how to log into a verizon fios router

How To Log Into a Verizon FIOS Router?

  1. What are the essentials for Login
  2. Verizon Fios Router Login
  3. Reset Verizon Fios Router
  4. Change Verizon FiOS WiFi Network name and password


When it comes to Log into Verizon Fios router, we need two things: a Verizon Fios compatible router and a device (computer, mobile, or tablet).

Router Login:

We’ll do it in four easy steps. Let’s plunge into them one-bye-one.

Step 1: Connection

First off, we connect our Verizon Fios router to the FIOS network. And, this step can be done using either a WiFi connection or wired. 

Step 2: Browser & IP address

Now we’ll open our favorite web browser (mine is chrome) and type in the address bar of your browser and hit enter. After that, you’ll see a login screen. 

Step 3: Username & Password

The default Username of your FIOS router is admin, while the password can be located on the router’s side. 

Congrats! You’re logged in!

Step 4: Password changing (optional)

It’s always better to have a strong password for your FIOS router. Once you logged in, you need to set a strong password so that nobody can access your router configuration. So, I recommend changing the default password. For that, check the ‘Admin Password’ option in the navigation.  

How to reset your Verizon FIOS router? 

If you’ve forgotten your Verizon FIOS router’s administrator password, you should reset it. We can reset it within a few steps. 

Step 1: Power On

Please turn on your router and check whether it is working correctly or not. 

Step 2: Reset Button

It’s time to look for the reset button located on the back of your router. 

Step 3: Reset Now!

It’s a final step in which we reset our FIOS router by using a pen or paper clip. You need to press the button for at least fifteen seconds until your router automatically resets and powers back on itself. 

Congrats! We’ve successfully changed the forgotten password to its factory defaults and other customized settings. 

How to change your Verizon FIOS router’s WiFi password?

Changing the password of your FIOS router is quite straightforward and easy. I’ll share with you four methods. 

Method 1: Via Log in

The first step is to log into your Verizon FIOS router, which you already know how to log into a Verizon FIOS router as I’ve shared with you the ultimate guide. 

After Login, 

Remember, the interface of the router may vary from router to router. However, the method for changing a FIOS WiFI password will be the same. 

  1. Now visit an option called ‘change Wireless Settings’
  2. Navigate the ‘Authentication Method’ section
  3. Set any strong password
  4. And, save the changes.

Note: The method explained above might be exact or a bit different on your router. You can check Verizon Fios compatible routers list with their detailed instruction manuals. 

Method 2: Via FIOS app

It is the second method in which you download My FIOS app to manage network settings. You can easily change the WiFi password using this app. 

  1. It starts with opening the My FIOS app.
  2. Now choose the Internet. 
  3. Under My Networks settings, select your wireless network.
  4. Click edit
  5. Set any new WiFi password 
  6. Hit the save button and save all the changes

Method 3: Via the ‘My Verizon app.’

Like My FIOS app, you can perform all the steps using My Verizon app too. 

  1. Sign in to My Verizon account
  2. Click Internet option
  3. Select ‘My Networks’ option under the wireless network setting
  4. Click Manage
  5. Set a new WiFi password
  6. And save. 

After changing the WiFi password – using any of the methods mentioned above, make sure you test it. 

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