How to Login Into Spectrum Router: Change Password & Network Name

How to Login Into Spectrum Router: Change Password & Network Name

If you Forgot your Spectrum Router Wi-Fi Password Or Want to Login into Router? Don’t Worry We Have Some quick Easy Steps to log into your spectrum router and reset your router to default wifi password.  

Login Into Spectrum Router

Spectrum is an internet service provider that offers a wide range of opportunities to access the internet, both in and outside your home. As a spectrum user, you can access the internet at various spots all around the country.

But if you’re like me, then you probably want to own a router of your own to cater for your different internet needs. You want a router that can give you unfettered access to the internet and offer a connection to all your devices from the comfort of your home.

When I first got my router, logging in and using the full range of the router’s options was a bit tricky for me, but it doesn’t have to be for you.

Quick Steps On How To Log In To Your Spectrum Router

Step One: Plug it in

The first step is, of course, to plug in the router. Sounds pretty obvious right? You’d be surprised how quickly you might forget to plug it, mainly when you’re carried away with trying to surf the internet with your shiny new router, like me. Anyway, before anything else, there’s a need to plug in the device.

Step two: Get connected

You can connect via wifi by turning on your wifi and inputting the password or by plugging an Ethernet cable to your computer. If you’ve forgotten your password, scroll down to how to reset your username and password.

Step three: The login

From your connected device, open “” on your web browser and enter your username and password. You are now logged in to your spectrum router.

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Changing The Spectrum Wi-Fi Password/Network Name

After a few weeks of using my router, I kept on getting visits from my friends, and they wanted my wifi password. Pretty soon, everyone’s phones knew my wifi username and password, and I needed to change it.

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Maybe you’re the same as me, or perhaps you have other reasons for changing your password. Here are steps on how to change your username and password.

Step One: Connect to the router

As a rule of thumb, you should remember that you need to be connected to your router to do anything on it.

Step Two: Open your user interface

Open your admin/user interface by typing the address “” in your browser

Step Three: Log in

To log in, enter your username and password in the available fields. At this stage, your username and password will be the default that came with the device.

Step Four: Change your credentials

While logged in to the interface, navigate to settings, then to wifi settings. Here you can now enter your chosen user name and password to the available fields and confirm. Note that you should only use passwords that you can remember.

How to Recover Your WiFi Username & Password

One of the marked differences between humans and machines is that humans forget, but machines do not. As a result, while I may forget the password to my network, my router will NEVER forget Below are quick steps to recover your forgotten wifi username or password.

Step One: Check the bottom of the device

The quickest solution is usually the best, and it is more than likely, that is your case. You may have written your username and password at the bottom of your device or on your installation guide. Before proceeding any further, check these places.

Step Two: Sign in to

If it turns out that you did not write down your credentials, not to fear. The next step is to sign in to as your credentials are stored there for scenarios like this.

Step Three: Navigate to your credentials

After signing in, make your way to managing the account, then to internet option. Here, locate your router and select “View device info.” After that, you will be able to see the current username and password for your device. From here, you can also make changes to your username, password, and other settings you might want to play with on your device.

Setting up and using a spectrum router can be a stressful and confusing ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. I hope you found this guide helpful.