Google Wifi vs Netgear Orbi

Google Wifi vs Netgear Orbi : Which one is best wireless mess network for your smart home ?

Google WiFi Vs Orbi: Smart Home Wi-Fi System Comparison

Google Wifi vs Netgear Orbi


Google Wifi vs Orbi: Mesh wifi systems use the latest technology which broadcasts your wifi network throughout your entire home in a more consistent way.

They are easier to configure compared to the more options such as routers and extenders. Mesh wifi systems are also far much better when it comes to coverage.

However, because this technology is relatively new, most people will have many queries concerning how it exactly works.

This page will explain what Mesh Wifi System is and how it works. We will also have an in-depth look at two of the most popular mesh wifi systems available in the market today, and these are non other than the Google Wifi system and Netgear Orbi system.

Stay tuned and learn everything you need to know about the cutting-edge devices.Without further ado, let’s first discuss what mesh wifi system is and how it works.


What’s a Mesh Wifi System?

To start with, what’s a traditional Wifi system?Before we discuss what is a mesh wifi system, let’s first explain what is a conventional Wifi system. In a majority of homes, a wifi system includes a single router which is linked to a modem. This unit provides internet access and gives entry to the network across the entire home.

The downside of this system is that for users with large homes a single wireless router is usually insufficient to cover the entire home. Even when it does, the signal may be too weak resulting in dead spots. This is where a mesh wifi system comes in handy. So, now, what’s a Mesh Wifi System?

A mesh wifi system is an effective method of getting reliable and speedy wifi access throughout a home which is too big for a single router. The innovative system makes the process of configuring a wifi network, a hassle-free experience, compared to the conventional method of pairing the standard wifi routers to extenders.

A mesh wifi network has two significant benefits in that it is simple to configure and extend a network. Also, each of the individual gadgets functions automatically with each other to deliver a more consistent wireless network.

When you purchase a mesh wifi network, you’ll usually receive three or two devices. These gadgets can be distributed throughout your entire house and will provide you with a more consistent signal anywhere you are within the range. If you require covering more space, you can easily purchase another compatible gadget and link it to your network.

Another difference is that whenever you link an extender to a wifi device, you’ll often experience network speeds which are lower than on the router. But, mesh wifi systems will often experience a minimum slowdown. This means that you’ll experience excellent speed across the entire network.

Mesh wifi networks always come with algorithms. These algorithms enable the system to decide which node is simplest for a connected gadget to connect to. They also exchange information with each other allowing you to seamlessly switch between different access points as you walk around your home.

Unlike when you are using an access point on a conventional network, all your access points on the mesh wifi network will connect with each other wirelessly. What this means is that you won’t require adding any extra wires to your home. Interestingly, the only Ethernet wire you’ll require is the cable between your modem and the main access point of your mesh network.


Google Wifi System Review

google wifi system - google wifi vs orbiGoogle Wifi device is a new product in the mesh network market. The most attractive features for this Wifi network are price range and simplicity.

The system comes with three gadgets. Any of these gadgets can function as the main node which connects to the modem.

Interestingly, if you own a large home and you require more than three nodes provided, you can purchase the devices separately to increase your coverage area.


What’s Gud?

    • Compatible with most internet service providers such as Verizon, Fios, Comcast, and Time Warner.
    • Provides seamless Wi-Fi network throughout your entire home, getting rid of annoying buffering and dead zones.
    • One Wifi point provides reliable coverage to 1,500 sq. Ft, three devices covers areas up to 4,500 sq. ft.
    • The innovative Network Assist technology ensures that your connection is quick by selecting the fastest band and the clearest channel for your devices.
    • Wifi devices work together enabling you to add more devices if you require extra coverage.
    • A simple application gets you configured quickly and lets you to see what is connected.
    • Provides excellent value for money.
    • Great design.


What’s Bed?

    • Lower AC rating
    • With limited hardware control


Some Other Important things that you should know.

  • Design: With a height of 2.7” and a diameter of 4.1”, each Google Wifi device is sleek and can be hidden effortlessly on a window sill or shelf. They are smaller compared to the Netgear Orbi which is 8.9 inches tall. Each Google Wifi device also features a LED ring that shows its status.
  • Performance: We saw good performance from Google Wifi device almost equal to Netgear’s Orbi. We streamed 4K video seamlessly via Netflix to the Roku Premiere from any room in our large house including the basement. Most Wi-Fi devices are not focused about throughput, but Google Wifi device also delivers when it comes to performance.
  • Wi-Fi: Google Wifi system operates its network wifi device over the existing Wi-Fi bands which are 5 GHz and 2.4GHz above 802.11s mesh protocol. However, Netgear Orbi’s tri-band unit connects through a second 5GHz Wi-Fi band, but there is no serious difference between the two.


  • Easy Setup: Expectedly, with a Google mesh network, setup is just a piece of cake! You just need to download the cost-free iOS application and android, or you can set up everything from your tablet or phone. Interestingly, the ease of configuration on Google’s mesh network even outdoes most of the other, already simple, mesh wifi devices out there.
  • Remote Access: According to the brand, the nodes of this device should cover as much as 4,500 square feet. However, this will vary depending on the layout of your house and your gadgets. Regarding cost, while your initial cost may seem to be slightly more than your router, if you consider the extra extenders or access points you’d require to purchase to get similar coverage, this won’t be a big deal anymore.
  • Family Wi-Fi Controls: Google Wifi system can enable you to pause the Wi-Fi on your on the devices of your children like during dinnertime or bedtime.
  • Security: Google mesh network system supports WPA2 wireless encryption. Also, each Google Wifi device features a TPM (Infineon Trusted Platform Module) built in that thwart hackers. More importantly, Google Wifi system updates its firmware seamlessly as required, a feature that some mesh routers lack.


Though it may not be the most powerful mesh wifi system to have, Google three-pack device is undoubtedly one of the easiest and cheapest ways to distribute strong wireless connections to a large house. It is the best unit for anyone who wants to set up a mesh network unit without breaking their bank.


Netgear Orbi Review

Orbi Home WiFi System - Google wifi vs orbiThe Netgear Orbi is a tweaked version of the conventional Wi-Fi systems and routers. This sophisticated router can extend the coverage of wireless internet connection to the extent that can’t be achieved by a conventional router.

Being a Wi-Fi system containing a main wireless router and satellite, Netgear Orbi can consistently offer the great performance. One of its two routers functions as a powerful Wi-Fi extender.


What’s Gud ?

  • It offers ultra-fast wi-fi connection speeds at a long coverage to a maximum of 5000 square feet.
  • The system is incredibly easy to set up.
  • The system has only one SSID hence easy management of Wi-Fi connections.
  • Offers seamless and hassle-free room-to-room roaming throughout your entire house,
  • Compatible with alexa/amazon that enables you to control your house network by use of voice commands.
  • Boasts guest’s network feature which enables you to easily create a secure and separate WiFi network for guests to use.

What’s Bad ?

  • Slightly High initial acquisition costs.
  • Slower connections at close range.


What Wi-fi System Provides you

  • Design: The router and satellite contained in the Netgear Orbi look similar; both having the same height, finish color (white) and soft texture as well as an oval design. The components don’t have external aerials. The absence of the aerials, together with the oval outline of the two, help the units to remain stable and free from obstruction while placed on a shelf.
  • Performance: The Wi-Fi system offers ultra-fast wireless internet connection speeds at a long coverage; to a maximum of 5000 square feet. This is because it comprises a satellite and a router which act as a Wi-Fi range extender. Each of the units has three communication bands; one is 2.4GHz while the other two are 5GHz. The work of one 5GHz band is to transmit signals from the main router and the router in the satellite and vice versa. As a result, the system can remain stable and function swiftly. Orbi uses just one SSID (Smart Connect) instead of using several of them for every Wi-Fi band. Smart Connect collaborates with the three-band system to give a strong, fast and extensive Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Features and Setup: Orbi has two units; the main router and a node. Although the two units look similar, it is just one of them act as the main router while the other one act as a range extender. You can add another node (satellite) if you so wish.The system has a four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the back of the main router for connecting your wired devices and an existing modem to your home network. Besides the Ethernet ports, the router has a WAN input.Just like the majority of the mesh networks, Orbi components have a white finish. The router and the node are oval and lack external aerials that would otherwise interfere with their stability while placed in some raised areas such as on a shelf.The system has a straightforward setup process; you just need to plug the main router to a broadband modem and then switch it on. Then, put the satellite in an appropriate place and switch it on. Both the router and the satellite will find one another automatically. Your wireless connection will be up and running within less than a minute, and by then, you can log into the router.

Other Features:

  • USB Ports & AC: Plugging in of external hard drives to your network isn’t a hassle with Orbi as it has a USB 2.0 port for the purpose. The home Wi-Fi system operates on the wireless AC standard. If you check the system keenly, you’ll find out that it is marked as AC3000. The marking means that it can offer theoretical data transfer rate of up to 400Mbps on its 2.4GHz band and 1733Mbps on one of its 5GHz band and 866 Mbps on the other 5GHz band. Thus, it offers total theoretical data transfer rate to a maximum of 3000Mbps.
  • Tri-Band: As earlier mentioned, two of these bands are 5 GHz while the other one is 2.4 GHz. The 2.4 GHz band and one of the two 5GHz bands are dedicated to the connection of your wireless devices while the other 5Ghz is meant for keeping the system’s routers well connected.
  • Easy Setup: The set-up process of this system is simply a breeze. You don’t need to create another account with Netgear for the setup process; just install an Orbi on your PC, tablet or smartphone and follow the simple installation instructions.
  • Security: The Netgear Orbi has guest-access feature; this means that you can create special accounts for other people who would like to use your network. These guests won’t be able to know your passwords for your network access account. As a result, your network will be safe from security threats such as unauthorized access, network worms, viruses as well as malware. In simple terms, with this feature, your network data and information will always be safe.


Although Netgear Orbi is a bit pricey as compared to the majority of wireless network systems for homes, it has lots of benefits that are worth the cost. Besides having an extensive wireless network coverage, the theoretical throughput rate of this system is amazing. Additionally, you don’t need rocket science to set the system up.


Google Wifi vs. Netgear Orbi

  • As a wrap-up, both wifi systems are great choices for anyone who want a wifi network whose setup is just a breeze. The two wifi systems provide consistent wifi connectivity through your home in a manner that was almost impossible before the release of mesh networks.
  • The wifi system to choose will depend on the amount of money you’re planning to spend. It will also depend on the speed of the network you need.
  • If you are on a tight budget, Google Wifi is your best bet. The Netgear Orbi unit is a more powerful device which will give you excellent wifi speed, for multiple gadgets. As expected though, you will need to dig dipper into your pocket for it.

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