How To Get The Wi-Fi Password On The Android

How To Get The Wi-Fi Password On The Android?

Get The Wi-Fi Password On The Android

Maybe, you happened to forget the wifi password, and you have stored it nowhere else but in your phone only? Or you probably just don’t feel like getting up to look on your personal computer to get your password?

Even though it is not too easy, it’s possible for you to find the wifi password on the android device.

This comprehensive guide is worth and really applicable if your password is not preserved anywhere else since as a matter of fact, finding a password on a computer is significantly more comfortable.


How to find And Show The Wi-Fi Password For Android ?

Rooting the Phone

This helps you dive deeper into the sub-systems of your phone, and you will be able to access the entire operating system of your device and customize them as per your needs. What you begin with is to root the android gadget but before rooting your device, kindly let us go through the likely pros and cons.

Advantages of rooting your phone include:

  • Accessing entire access to system directory.
  • In case you have apps built into the device system, and you don’t want them, you can be able to delete them.
  • Have manual backup of applications or games.
  • Enables you to get the wifi password.
  • You can add extra features that will improve the performance of your device.
  • Helps to enable the settings that were previously disabled.

If it were not of its disadvantages, this would have been enabled on every phone.

Disadvantages of rooting your Android gadget include:

  • Failure of some apps, they won’t work at all.
  • System problems which may result from altering the wrong files or installation of wrong applications.
  • Lack of security. This can be a significant challenge.
  • It might leave you with a broken phone.
  • Your warranty can be voided.

Conclusively, you should have a careful consideration and make up your mind whether you really want to root your android before you do it.

On actual rooting of your gadget, you should: change your phone settings. This will enhance the root and enable it to take place in the best way possible. You should then install an application. This app is the one that will carry out the root. However, the actual way in which you carry out this root will depend on the type of the device you’re using.


How To Find Your Android Password ?

If after thinking about the benefits and risks associated with rooting your device you found that the benefits outweigh the risks, you are good to go. Just proceed and get knowledge on how to get your wifi password. To carry out this activity, use the file management software. This software will ensure that you gain access to the file containing your password.The name of this file should be “wpa_supplicant.conf”. You should manage to find this file at“data/misc/file folder” in case your network uses WPA security or if it uses “wep_supplicant.conf” or if your network uses wep security.

Immediately you get the file, use a text editor to open it up. You will then access your password with ease. You now have your password; your next time will be smooth and easy!


Other Methods Of Getting Your Android Password ?

Supposing you do not want to root your phone, there are methods that you can still use, even without other connected gadgets. This is based on the assumption that you will still access the access point or wireless router!

One of the most straightforward methods is to connect a personal computer to the router by use of the Ethernet cable. This is followed by logging in to the management software of the router. In order to achieve this, simply enter the IP address of the router into the web browser. You should then type in the username and the password of the router.

The wireless password gets displayed in plain text within the ‘Wireless Settings’ at often. This method has one good thing. Even without the knowledge of above information, supposing you have not changed it, you can easily find the default IP address and login details online.

Hopefully, from this article, you have received excellent and helpful tips on how to find your wifi password by use of an Android device. Even though it may be tougher compared to using a computer or laptop, it is firmly still possible in case of desperation.

You are free to inquire on anything in case you have any query regarding this page. Thanks for your time.

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