Eero vs Luma: Wireless Mesh Network Comparison

Eero vs Luma: Which Wireless Mesh Network is Best For Your Home?


Eero vs Luma


Do you want to purchase a wireless mesh system? Then, this is your best place. We will contrast and compare the two most popular mesh networks known as Eero and Luma. The two of the products are simply awesome, and they have several advantages with few disadvantages.

The two products promise to provide you with a reliable and quick wireless network throughout your entire home. However, each of these products functions in slightly different ways. If you are looking to purchase a mesh network system, just have a look through our Luma vs. Eero page to assist you to decide between the two products!

What’s a Mesh Wifi System?

A mesh Wifi system is an efficient way of achieving reliable and quick wifi access throughout a home which is too big for using just a single router. A mesh system makes the work of setting up your wifi network just a breeze, compared to the conventional method of pairing wifi extenders to routers.


Why Should You Set Up A Mesh Network?

A mesh Wifi system can solve a majority of your Wi-Fi issues. As opposed to stand-alone routers which lose signal as you move far away from them, mesh networks piggyback on each other to make a continuous wireless network throughout your entire home. This reduces the possibility of having dead zones.

When you purchase a mesh network, you’ll typically receive three or two gadgets.These gadgets may be distributed throughout your entire home and will provide you with a consistent network anywhere within the range. If you require covering more area, you may just purchase another compatible gadget and connect it to the network.The primary advantage is in the manner these gadgets communicate to each other.

For instance, if you’re watching a movie on the tablet while in your bedroom upstairs, you may need to go downstairs and continue watching the movie.On a traditional network, even when you go downstairs, you’d stay connected to your upstairs access point. This would be the case even though you’d have a stronger signal if you were connected to the downstairs access point.

What this means is that you’ll have to reconnect manually. But with a mesh wifi system, when the network detects that you’ll experience a stronger signal from your downstairs access point, it will automatically switch your network to the more powerful access point.

Expectedly, large homes with multiple rooms would get the most from mesh Wi-Fi system. But based on our tests with various mesh networks, we would recommend a mesh wifi system for even those people with modestly sized houses, for many reasons.

Here are the reasons, to start with, mesh Wi-Fi networks such as Eero among others include innovative smartphone applications which make the management of your network simpler to comprehend. For the second reason, a majority of mesh wifi systems are aesthetically attractive as opposed to conventional routers, which looks very unpleasing.

More importantly, mesh wifi networks accommodates a shift in how we use modern technology. We move around with mobiles gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops from this room to the other. With mesh wifi systems, our Wi-Fi coverage faces less chance of interruption.


Eero vs Luma : Comparison

We tested two popular Wi-Fi systems which are Eero and Luma Whole Home Wifi system. The two were solid, though we will tell you what was our favorite at the end of the article. For now, let’s first dive straight into the review of each of them.

Eero Home WiFi System Review

eero home wifi systemEero is one of the most-reliable, simplest home WiFi system. If you want to replace your router and range extenders, Eero Home WiFi System is your best bet.

One eero combined with two eero Beacons can cover a two to four bedroom house and provide quick and reliable WiFi speed.

With the most powerful hardware and intelligent WiFi technology, this innovative WiFi system is two times quicker than the traditional eero Home WiFi System.



  • Receives regular and automatic security updates.
  • Features gigabit WiFi speed capability.
  • Have advanced settings such as parental controls, eg. SafeSearch and content filtering.
  • One of the simplest, most-reliable, and fastest home WiFi system.
  • Have the smartest WiFi technology.
  • Features the most powerful hardware.
  • Strong wireless performance.
  • Have the highest degree of customization.
  • Its setup process is just a breeze.
  • Features intuitive design.


  • It is slightly more expensive than other mesh networks.
  • Beacon units lack Ethernet ports.
  • Parental controls and malware protection requires subscription fee.
  • Its mesh performance is disappointing.


Other Things to consider

  • Design: It measures 4.8” by 4.8” by 1.3” which is slightly thicker and smaller than a CD case. The squarish, white, and aesthetic Eero gadgets are small enough to hide effortlessly. However, they’re slightly larger than the similar-looking Luma Wifi devices. They also have a single LED which turns blue when ready to be set. The LED turns white when the gadget is online, but red when there is something wrong.
  • Hardware: The Eero device consists of an Eero “Beacons” and Eero unit. The main Eero unit works as the router and the Beacons as extra access points. The main Eero includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB power jack. As opposed to the 1st generation Eero unit, and other mesh wifi systems, there’s no USB port.
  • Wi-FI: The Eero unit is now tri-band with one 5.8GHz band, one 5.2GHz band, and one 2.4GHz band. This provides you with congestion free and more consistent connection which allows more gadgets to connect simultaneously. You will also have no issue with your wireless network thanks to the Beamforming and MU-MIMO features on this gadget.

Other Features:

  • Simple Setup: The application guides you through the entire process of configuration and placement. The eero unit seamlessly connects to provide a wireless mesh network.
  • World-Class Security: Eero wifi unit strictly adheres to the world-class standards in network connection security by giving one-time passwords for eero application access. It also does so by allowing only WPA2-compatible gadgets onto your network.
  • Entertainment-Grade Wifi: With eero wifi unit, you can play, stream, game, and work from any corner of your house and from your backyard, too. Eero WIFI system doesn’t break a sweat.
  • Pause The Internet: With a few taps, you can create profiles to configure schedules and quickly pause the internet on your child’s gadgets.


Each Eero gadget is easy to use, easy on the eyes, very secure, very powerful and quick especially at close range. So, if you are looking to purchase a mesh network system which will provide you with reliable and consistent connection throughout your multiple rooms, check out this unit.


Luma Whole Home Wifi System

luma home wifi systemLuma wifi is a system that revolutionizes home WiFi system. It is the first smart WiFi system that provides unbeatable control, speed, and security.

Luma’s Surround system connects every room of your house so you can forget about the annoying dead zones and buffering.

This unit offers innovative parental controls to make sure your kids can only access safe websites.



  • Provides the fastest WiFi distributed to every room of your house hence no dead zones and no buffering.
  • With serious security feature which seamlessly scans and neutralizes any malware or virus.
  • Features the smartest parental control: You can set a user rating of PG-13, PG, or G for each user on your network.
  • Greater remote control: Remove unwanted gadgets from anywhere, pause the internet, grant guest access, or prioritize gadgets.
  • Comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports of LAN USB 2.0 and WAN.
  • Easy to set up process when creating mesh network.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • No Mac or PC software.
  • Have limited capabilities of customization.


Some Other things to consider:

  • Design: Each Luma gadget is made in a white color which is favored by mesh wifi setups. Luma device is different from the other gadgets because it has a hexagonal shape. It is also differentiated from the other devices due to its LED light which is a large circle. It is an elegant gadget that attracts many homeowners.
  • Hardware: Similar to the Eero device, one of the gadget’s functions as the primary router. The other gadgets functions as access points. But, all Luma devices are similar, so it does not matter the one you select. The exciting thing about this is that each gadget includes one USB port and two built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports which allows more wired connection than the Eero.
  • Wi-FI: The Luma Whole Wifi is a dual-band unit that comes with one 5GHz band and one 2.4GHz band. This is impressive, although not as great as the Eero’s tri-band setting. The Luma device also has a crucial feature where it seamlessly selects the perfect band for each gadget which connects to it. The Luma device also supports MU-MIMO to make sure that multiple gadgets receive strong connectivity. It also utilizes the 802.11ac standard.

Other Features:

  • Performance: Luma device is a two by two router that provides two independent data traffic lanes. It uses a pair of cutting-edge technologies such as MU-MIMO, for excellent traffic management. It also uses beamforming technology to direct the signal efficiently to a receiving antenna on a linked gadget. The Luma device tops out at an optimum throughput of 1.3 Gbps.
  • Setup: Luma is the simplest router-extender combo to configure. However, you’ll have to wait since each Luma device takes about 10 minutes configure. But you will spend most of the time waiting because everything is automatic.
  • Parental Controls and Security: The router utilizes WPA2 encryption. Luma comes with a particular network name and password as well, dissimilar to other routers which come with generic passwords that you need to reset. Internally, Luma features a network translation firewall to protect you from hackers.Parental controls of Luma are just a breeze to set up. Each user can be given a MPAA-like rating such as Unrestricted, R, PG-13, PG, or G.


If you are looking for a mesh network that is simple to use and set up, here is your best bet. Luma is just as easy to configure as it is to utilize. Plug the device in, download the application, and it functions in minutes. Straight from there, the gadgets adapt to your house and seamlessly fine-tune their connectivity in real time to always provide speed and peak performance.


Eero vs Luma : Which One Is Better?

  • As a wrap-up, the Luma Whole Home Wifi system is a slightly older device since the second generation Eero was brought to the market one year later. With this in mind, the Eero wifi system boasts some excellent new features like tri-band which the Luma wifi system lack.
  • This can be a significant advantage when looking to purchase a mesh wifi network particularly if you have a big home. But, since the Luma wifi system is slightly cheaper, it can be your best choice especially if you are on a tight budget. Luma device also provides free security software. This too can be an added advantage which may attract many homeowners.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews of both these systems. I have been trying to make my old router cover the whole house ( approx 2200sq ft) with seven people using various different devices, looks like the Luma system should meet all of our requirements.


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