Modem Vs Router: How They Work ?

Modem Vs Router: How Do They Work ?

Lets see the Difference between Router and Modems

 router vs modem

Router vs Modem: What is the difference between a modem and a router? Which one is the best? Both these devices connect you to the internet. When a modem will connect a single device to the internet, a router will connect all your devices to the WIFI within a particular location. You might easily mix up both if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers both these facilities in a package.

Once you know the usage of a router and a modem, you can use them in a better way. You can also save your money. Instead of considering both, you can choose one depending on your requirement. It will save your money and will make you a better consumer as well. Followings are the details of a router and a modem.

What Modems Do

The modem will connect the supply of internet from your Internet Service Provider to the network of your home. You can use a cable provider including fiber optics, Comcast, DSL, cox, satellite, FIOS, TWC or Direct TV for such connection.

The modem is designed to connect to your computer directly with the use of an Ethernet cable. Modems are not interchangeable. You will find different types of modems for different types of services.

You can rent modems from your ISP with a monthly payment fee. The cable modems are also available for sale. This is a cost-effective option. For the monthly rent, you might need to spend extra $10.

If you are planning to use for a long time, you should consider buying as it will charge only $100. Besides, FIOS –compatible modems are not easily available. It is better to rent them.

What Routers Do

Routers are different from modems. When modem connects to a particular device, routers create a private network on your office, home, business, or in any of your preferred places.

Routers also connect to the modem. While using a router, you can get internet connection in many devices that might be your laptop or mobile.

The routers are designed to make all your devices alive including smart home products and smart speakers. The wireless routers are versatile and they enable the users to stream content on their mobiles and laptops by using Hulu and Netflix. They do not need any cable to get such benefit.

You can rent a router from your internet service provider. But if you are looking for the latest technology, you should consider buying one. In the current condition, many wireless routers are coming with some advanced technologies. You can choose the one that is able to meet your unique needs. If you rent a router, you might get all the advanced features.

Modem and Router Combo Devices

If you are looking for both, you can consider a modem router combo offered by your internet service provider. These are modems with integrated routers designed to perform both functions seamlessly.

The combo devices come with some extra facilities such as the VoIP function. You can consider it for your cable, phone, and internet package.

Though these are designed to meet your different needs, still, these are not considered best. If one of them stops working, the others will be affected as well. But it can be an ideal option if you do not need the latest technologies.

What Are Mesh Networks?

A wireless router is considered best to get WIFI for different devices in a particular location. But in some instances, it does not the cover your office, home, multiple floors, or impenetrable walls due to vast space. In that condition, you can buy WIFI extenders.

The WIFI range extenders can expand the reach. But it will result in less bandwidth in the areas of the extender and that will slow down the download speed and will offer slower browsing. Therefore, a WIFI Mesh network will be the ideal choice.

It will come with a single router and many satellites or nodes that will pass the signal from one to another like a chain. When the extenders connect to one router, it will connect with one another and that will not affect the bandwidth.

The signal will be powerful throughout as if you are next to the router. There will not be any limit of the nodes. You can use as many as you need.

Besides, you can manage all of them with your smartphone. You should consider your space and requirement before choosing WIFI mesh network or range extender.