What to Do If Comcast Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden

What to Do If Your Comcast Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden

A slow internet connection is perhaps the most irritating thing to happen. Imagine having friends at home for a movie date, and eventually, you end up loading and re-screening the movie the entire time! Sometimes you are paying for the fastest internet speed but end up thinking “why my Comcast internet is so slow all of a sudden?”

Let’s see what are those factors and reasons that make your internet speed worst.

Are you surfing during peak hours?

Well, there are peak hours in the day that puts a lot of pressure on the modem. The timings are usually from 7 pm to 2 am. If you are using Comcast cable modem and sharing the connection with your neighborhood, it is likely to face these issues.

Some ISP providers give away promotional offers to attract more clients. You may face slow internet speed during the promotional packages as well!

Does a Piggyback thief hack you?

When your password is not secure, your internet connection is open to hackers. Some unauthorized users connect with your modem and use it like their own!

If you are worried about the Slow Internet, then change your password more often and keep your connection secure. It is apparent that you do not want to put extra load on your wireless router!

Is there a cyber-threat to your network?

With millions of users adding online every day, there are chances that your network may face significant cyber threats. Hackers are waiting to harm your network.

Secure your connections with the latest update of antivirus software and keep your network safe from spyware and malware.

Are you losing data due to damaged cables?

Now you may say that you are using coaxial cables that are meant to be super safe! Undoubtedly you are right, but there are specific areas that may need some repairs from time to time. Especially the connectors that have joints must be checked thoroughly.

When your data passes through unprotected cables, you may lose your data to unwelcomed hackers.

Is your network facing too much load?

If you are putting too much load on your cable connection with connecting multiple devices or heavy downloads and uploads, your internet connection may slow down.

You can use modem router combo to ease the extra load on your connection and have unaffected data transfers.

Is your browser compatible with the OS?

The browser you use for surfing may be one of the biggest reasons behind a slow internet connection. Additionally, your device processor and RAM are also behind a poor internet performance.

Check the compatibility between your browser and OS and use a good performing RAM for better internet connectivity.


How can you fix Slow Comcast Internet connection?

It is definite that you will lose your mind as your internet slows down. Work some of these recommendations before going under depression!

Upgrade the plans

If you have signed for a basic idea and want to play high-speed gaming, it is obvious to face lots of problems with the network. This is not the right time to pull your hairs but act wisely.

Upgrade the subscription plans and get access to the high-speed internet instantly!

Try restarting your router

Sometimes your router gets stuck at a particular point, and you may need to reboot it many times. These are temporary fluctuations that you can quickly figure out.

Restarting your device

Along with router, your device can also get stuck sometimes. If your internet slow, restart your device and see the changes in your network.

Schedule your anti-virus software

Some spyware or malware may have interrupted your network connection. Schedule check with antivirus software and declog your device of the unwanted guests.

Run a speed test

You may be unaware of the speed that your modem is running. If your internet is so slow all of a sudden, run a speed test to determine the speed when it goes poorly slow.

Hardwire your device

There might be some problem with your Ethernet cable that you are getting a low-speed internet. Check out the issue and hardwire the device with modem or router you are using. Some disconnection may undoubtedly turn your day into hell! Hardwiring will give you better performance and speed.

Reset your modem for uninterrupted connection

Like your device, your modem may also get stuck and need resetting from time to time. Reconnect your device with modem and power it off to give it some rest. When you power it on, you will get a better performing internet.

Cables can be disrupting

The Cable and fittings might be at fault for slow internet connection. When you have failed with every possible consequence, try changing the wires. Give a quick check to any loose fittings, connector faults, or corroded cables.

Customer service to help

Ok, don’t scratch your head now! If you are facing unappointed problems with the connection, you must contact your customer help desk at once. They have all the solutions to your problems, and will undoubtedly help you out!

Replace your router

If you are using an old model router, it is certainly giving you trouble now! Try replacing the router or get a wireless router. You will witness a change in speed of your ISP.

Replace your ISP

Last but not the least, replace your ISP. If your problems are recurring, and you have tried all the above solutions, you must check with some other ISP providers. Research and find the best ISP in your area and enjoy your favorite movie screening once again!


Final verdict

If you are worried why your Comcast slow internet and are frustrated with the poor performance, then this article will certainly help you!

This article has all the consequences, and successful solutions tried and tested by many Comcast subscribers. Try fixing by yourself or contact the customer service when you are at your wits end!