How to Catch wifi signal from long distance: Ideaworks Wi-Fi Antenna (2021)

How to Catch Wi-Fi Signal From Long Distance (Over 4 To 5 Miles): Easy Ideas For 2021

Tired of Wi-Fi getting disconnected when you walk out of your house? Do you always want to be connected to a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal even when you go visit your friend couple block away or go out running some errands? Then, you need a long-range Wi-Fi Antenna receiver. 

catch wifi signal from long distance ideaworks

A long-range Wi-Fi receiver will always ensure that you are connected to the world of information even when you are hundreds of meters away from the Wi-Fi router/antenna. You can chat with your friends, play online games, post your pictures on social media or search the web anywhere as you always have a strong Wi-Fi signal coming from a long distance. 

If you want to grab out of range Wi-Fi signals, we have the number one recommendation for you, Ideaworks wifi antenna. 

Ideaworks wifi antenna: A seamless long-distance wireless device

The splash-proof and waterproof version of long-range Wi-Fi antenna, this anti-corrosive device can be used both indoor and outdoor. Ideaworks brings you an affordable solution to be connected to the internet almost everywhere. With its high long-range speed, you could stream Netflix in HD, tune to YouTube, share pictures with your loved ones and friends, many yards away from where the antenna is situated. 

With a range of nearly 3000 feet, you could connect to the hotspot even half a mile away from it. You can always tap into hot spots from a distant area from your home or public network which would otherwise be out of range. The powerful combination of software and hardware broadens your home Wi-Fi network by multiple folds, so you always feel connected with your friends. 

The device comes with a 25-inch USB cable and a desktop stand. Also, it features an easy-to-install CD which is compatible with all Windows PC. Just follow the simple installation step-by-step procedure, and you can set up the compact device to start giving you long-distance signal. It is simple, effective, safe and affordable. Indeed, Ideaworks wifi antenna is an excellent purchase for anyone who is looking to significantly improve long-range throughput and get extra wireless coverage over long distances. 

How to Catch WiFi signals from long distance: Easy step-by-step setup

The idea of not being connected to the internet haunts everyone. Even, if you have a long-distance wireless antenna, it would be difficult for the signals to reach you. You could enhance your long-distance wireless device to give you continuous transmission and reception up to a mile easily. But we need to build a device.

Catch Wifi Signal From Long Distance

Don’t worry, it will be easy and would cost you no more than a few ten bucks. Through this device, you can have up to a mile line-of-sight Wi-Fi reception with strong data transfer and streaming speed. So, let’s start. 

Step 1: Get all the components you would need to build this.

What you need is: 

– A Satellite dish and screws for wall mounting 

– Two scrap 2x4s 

– USB extension cord 

– A small tin can 

– A USB wireless adapter 

– An unwanted CD 

– Two wood screw for screwing your 2x4s 

– Glass pot lid shaped like a parabola 

– Hot glue 

That’s it. Apart from the dish, it won’t cost you more than $70. 

Step 2: Getting started with the Rear Reflector 

First, take the parabolic lid and remove the handle, so just the screw is left behind. Place the CD facing up on the Glass Lid. 

Then, place the CD in the oven which is not preheated at 300 degrees for an hour. 

If you put the CD in a preheated oven, the CD will crack which will hinder the signal reflection. 

Take it out after one hour and let it cool. Meanwhile, you could follow other steps. 

Step 3: Now the Front Reflector 

Take the Tin can, measure the halfway and mark it vertically. Cut the can in the vertical direction across the marked half but leave the bottom intact. 

Now, cut a hole in the back at the center of the top ribs. Just make sure that the hole fit the USB cord. 

Now, you have to attach the satellite dish to the tin, so, drill a hole at the bottom of the can. Once the CD is cool, Hot glue the CD to the can with the hole in the CD and hole in the back of can lined up together. 

Step 4: You need a support Rig 

Form a “T” with the pair of 2x4s and mark four holes close to the intersection of two plates where the screw go. 

Make sure that the plates are long enough to avoid tipping. Drill the holes and attach your dish with the support rig you created. 

Step 5: Final Additions 

Now you have front and back reflectors and the support rig to keep your dish intact, attach the USB adapter exactly at the whole of the CD. Turn on the WiFi Adapter, and that’s it. 

Use Network Stumbler to find the best angle for the most extensive range of your dish signal. You can use inSSIDer as well for finding the best angle for the dish. 

And you have done it. Use it and enjoy the seamless long-distance wireless signal reception of your Wi-Fi device.