3 Best MoCA Adapters Review 2022

Best MoCA Adapters of 2022: Top 3 Reviewed

best MoCA Adapter

Who doesn’t want a reliable, more secure, consistent, and super-fast internet? – I know everyone does. However, it is only possible if we turn our home’s existing coaxial wires into a high-speed Ethernet network. In order to do that, we need the best MoCA adapters available on the market. Typically, we have to buy two MoCA adapters, not a single adapter, as the most router or modem/router are not ‘MoCA enabled.’ 

Actually, you have two options as there are two types of adapters available for you: powerline adapters and MoCA adapters. However, these adapters are based on different technologies. 

PowerLine Adapters: We plug these types of adapters directly to the electrical outlets in our home in order to improve WiFi through electric wiring. There is no doubt when I said, these adapters are slow and disconnect randomly from the network. 

MoCA Adapters: It is another and better option available for you. This ‘MoCA technology’ uses our home’s existing coaxial TV wiring instead of electrical outlets. Therefore, MoCA adapters create more reliable and super-fast internet than powerline adapters. 

Verdict: MoCA adapters, comparatively, create a consistent high-speed connection between our router and access points. 

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top MoCA adapters for 2022, along with a buying guide and most commonly asked questions (FAQs). 

Here are my three best MoCA adapters For 2022

  2. Actiontec MOCA (ECB6200S02)
  3. ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 (HLA4205)

1. MOTOROLA MOCA (MM1000) – My Choice

best MoCA Adapters


The Motorola MoCA MM1000 is the most popular and trust-worthy MoCA adapter on the market. When it comes to the performance of the adapter, it can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps, which is faster than its competition. After putting it to the test, I’ll found it more reliable and must faster than WiFi. 

Motorola claims that MM1000 can work with all MoCA’s types from MoCA 1.0 to 2.5. However, it works only with Coax networks, such as Cable TV, Cable internet (Fios & many other fiber optics networks). In order to connect it to your router, you need a router that already as an inbuilt MoCA capability. Otherwise, you have to provide MoCA capability to your router by a MoCA adapter. 

Most Fios compatible routers, on the market, come with MoCA capability. However, other networking devices, such as router and modem/router, requires a MoCA adapter. On the design side, It is an elegant looking adapter. It comes in black casing. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. It handles media content (video, high-data, etc.), without interfering with other gadgets, including TV and internet service, through the coax cable. 
  2. It is very easy to install and requires simple plug-in connections without any configuration. 
  3. It features PoE (point of entry) filter, which prevents unauthorized access to the MoCA network. 
  4. It provides more reliable, faster, more secure with low-latency than wireless connections.
  5. USA based customer support and backed by a 2-year warranty. 

I don’t like:

  1. It doesn’t work with AT&T, Direct TV, Dish, and other satellite TV. 

Final Verdict:

Without a single doubt, the Motorola MM1000 deserves the first position on my list. In terms of reliability, security, latency, speed, and price, this adapter can easily outrank others. Moreover, its compatibility with all types of MoCA is a big plus. 

I’ll recommend this MoCA adapter to everyone who are looking for a reliable, faster, consistent, and more stable connection than WiFi via coaxial wiring. 

2. Actiontec MoCA (ECB6200S02) – Runner Up!

best MoCA Adapters


This is my second favorite MoCA adapter from Actiontec. A well-known brand from the internet networking industry. Just like Motorola, the Actiontec ECB6200S02 is ready to beat your home’s WiFi network. It uses the same Coaxial cable in order to give you a reliable, fast, and more stable internet throughout your home. 

It has an entirely different design than the previously reviewed Motorola MoCA adapter. Comparatively, it is a small MoCA adapter, and its dimensions are 2.2×1.1×4.5 (LxWxH) inches. When it comes to setting up the adapter, it just requires you to plug two devices into its MoCa network. 

On the performance side, it is capable of delivering maximum speeds up to 1Gbps. Which, I guess, is enough for HD streaming and online gaming. However, you have to make sure your router or modem/router is MoCA enabled. In this case, you don’t need two MoCA adapters. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. It offers fast Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000 base T 802.3A interface along with one MoCA 2.0/1.1/1.0 Coaxial Jack. 
  2. It allows up to 16 devices to be connected at once. 
  3. Like Motorola, it doesn’t interfere with other devices too, including Cable TV, and other home devices. 
  4. The adapter is backward compatible with the latest bonded MoCA 2.0 standard. 
  5.  It is quite easy and straightforward to install; it only requires three simple steps in order to set up completely. 

I don’t like:

  1. You have to buy a MoCA splitter and a MoCA filter separately. 

Final Verdict:

The Actiontec ECB6200S02 MoCA adapter supports speeds up to 1Gbps. As soon as you connect it to your Set-top box, access points, HDTV, or any other devices, through home’s existing coaxial wires, you can expect a reliable, high-speed, and more secure network. However, it doesn’t work with all TV providers and has a bit higher latency compared to Ethernet cable. 

3. ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 (HLA4205) – Budget-Friendly MoCA

best MoCA Adapters


The Zyxel MoCA 2.0 is a budget-friendly option for you. It works as the company advertises. It has an elegant and attractive design; plus, it comes in a black casing, which looks cool. Like Motorola and Actiontec, it does its job entirely and turns your existing slow coaxial internet into a high-speed wired internet connection. 

The performance of the adapter is also top of the line. It ensures maximum data rates up to 1.4Gbps. However, the speed entirely depends on your ISP. Compared to the other two listed up above, it is not that powerful but quite easy to install and set up. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. The setup and installation is straightforward; it doesn’t require any configuration or software. 
  2. The adapter is backward-compatible, meaning there no issues while working with the older MoCA, such as MoCA 1.0 and MoCA 1.1.
  3. The bonded MoCA 2.0 offers up to 1.4Gbps data transfer rates. It is enough for connecting multiple devices at a time. 
  4. The connectivity of the adapter is stable, reliable, and creates a high-performance media network. 

I don’t like:

  1. I didn’t find any way to monitor activity with it. 

Final Verdict:

The adapter is capable of providing a reliable, consistent, and fast internet throughout your home. Moreover, it cheaper than the other two and better looking. As far as the installation is concerned, it is easy and doesn’t require you to install any software. So this is my third most favorite MoCA adapter for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option.  

Buying Guide: How To choose the best MoCA adapter? 

When MoCA adapters are concerned, we don’t have to consider many things, unlike routers or modem. As it a simple device that ensures a reliable and fast internet connection between your router and access point. Here are some key factors which you should consider while purchasing these adapters for your home. 


Speed has always been a crucial factor when it comes to networking devices – whether it is a router/modem or adapter. In the adapter’s case, you have to think of their range. The range of an adapter directly relates to speed. For that, you have to determine your requirements, then look for an adapter that meets your requirements. Generally, most common speeds, from a MoCA adapter, can be from 1Gbps to 2.5Gbps. So choose an adapter as per your need or desired speed. 


Unlike power adapters, it is possible to get a constant high-speed internet through a MoCA adapter. Still, you face any connections issues with a MoCA adapter; it means you need a better adapter that can match your speeds during bandwidth spikes. 

Additional Features:

It is always better to look for some extra features as per your needs. It can be anything like security, bandwidth, users at a time, set up, different devices, connectivity, compatibility, and many others. 


What is a MoCA Adapter?

Before we understand MoCa Adapter, we need to take a look at MoCA technology first. So MoCA stands for ‘multimedia over Coax Alliance.’ This technology works on already existing coaxial cables in your home. In order to get rid of wires and drilling holes, we can simply use a MoCA adapter as it creates a wired network. Being a wired technology, it delivers an ultra-fast speed, without any lag, thus a reliable connection over the existing network.  

Now MoCA adapters are used for better WiFi through Coaxial cable. As I said, MoCA technology uses the existing coaxial wiring; thus, unlike powerline Adapters, the MoCA adapters create a reliable and super-fast home network. In other words, a MoCA adapter creates a high-speed connection between the access point and router. 

How Does a MoCA Adapter work?

As I said earlier, A MoCA adapter is a completely wired solution, not wireless. When you buy any MoCA adapter, you get two adapters inside the box. Therefore, we connect one MoCA adapter to our router or modem/router; another one is connected to the device (it can be anything, from a set-top box to a Blue-ray player), in order to get reliable and fast internet via a coaxial port.

If your modem/router is already ‘MoCA enabled.’, then you don’t need two adapters as your modem/router already has it. And, in this case, just connect one ‘MoCA adapter’ to the device so that they can communicate with each other. As a result, it sends internet data throughout your home via the coaxial wiring. 

Notice, you don’t have to drill or install Ethernet wiring once you use MoCA adapters. It only requires you to locate the coax cables and outlets so that you can connect MoCA adapters. 

What are the benefits of buying a MoCA adapter?

There are tons of benefits if you invest in a good MoCA adapter. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones. 

High-speed Internet:

These MoCA adapters can quickly turn slow Internet networks into an ‘Internet autobahn.” With the help of these adapters, you can enjoy more reliable, more secure, consistent, and super-fast internet throughout your home. These adapters don’t require any technical knowledge in order to install, and they are not expensive. 


You can easily eliminate the WiFi signal’s dead spot around your house. In order to do so, you have to connect them to the wireless access points. That’s why these adapters are considered the best for improving the range of existing networks. Plus, you don’t have to think of buying any multiple devices router.


As you know, MoCA adapters to use our home’s existing coaxial cables. As a result, we can get better internet access to entertainment devices, including DVRs, HDTVs, Blue-ray Players, gaming consoles, and many more. Moreover, these adapters can be set up in no time. 


MoCA technology is a widely accepted technology. And, most of the leading ISPs, all over the US, rely on Coaxial networks as it is fast, more secure, and more reliable. All the listed MoCA adapters are excellent in terms of design, quality, performance, features, and price

Still, you want to hit the market and search more MoCA adapters on your own, in this case, don’t forget to check out those critical factors mentioned in the buying guide above. 

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