Best Hardware Firewall Device For Home Users and Small Business 2021

Best Hardware Firewall Device For Home and Small Business Users 2021

Are you looking for a hardware firewall device for home, small business, security? One that will give you a great rest of mind and performance? Here are six of the best to choose from.

Best Hardware Firewall Device For Home and Small BusinessBe it a small business owner or a homeowner, the truth about it all is that we all want a firewall device that won’t give us much headache. One that will deliver on its promises. While that is a good thing to wish for, it is wise first to consider what your needs are. Why?

The truth is, the most preferred product for you should first stem from your home or business requirements to avoid dissatisfaction after purchase.

Today I will be taking you briefly through the journey of the best hardware firewalls out there for you to discover which one works best for you.

Recommended Firewall

CUJO AI - best pickWith an AI intelligence, aesthetic design, and frequent security updates, the CUJO AI Smart stands out.

This hardware possesses an advanced level of security built to learn from attacks on its front and other CUJOs’ fronts.

It also houses a fast 1 GB ethernet port that works incredibly well. There is also parental control and a simple and useful app that gives you all the control you need.

CUJO can efficiently control data moving in and out of your network. All these are just a few of what this leading product can do.

The CUJO AI Smart houses the necessary features required to remain safe and in control while on the net.

Difference Between A Hardware Firewall And Software Firewall?

hardware and software firwall

A hardware firewall, as the name suggests, is a device created for the sole purpose of offering security to your internet and file sharing network. You are to mount the gadget between your router and your modem.

They can be difficult to update for some folks, but the good news is that Hardware firewalls don’t use your PC resources. They are dedicated devices and don’t get you into the compatibility issues. Plus, they provide more security.

A software firewall is a program that provides the same services for internet usage and file sharing safety. They are easy to install but end up using much of your system’s resources. Sometimes they experience glitches and get you into program compatibility issues.

Why Should You Buy A Firewall Device Instead of Software Firewall?

More security

Think about it. As a standalone dedicated solely to your device and internet security, there are little chances of attacks. Also, they have their proprietary OS and give more security controls. This unit is more prone to attack and will protect your stuff better.


They are built with more ability to handle heavy workloads and process data way faster than the alternative.

Total dedication

As a dedicated standalone unit, it doesn’t interfere with the apps on your system. No errors. No slowdowns and all. You can do whatever you want to the gadget without halting your network. And better yet, seamless ability to move or turn the unit off.

What do hardware firewalls have that software firewalls do not?

Advanced VPN Filtering Features

Advanced VPN filtering features are essential to help you control the kind of websites and contents you access. Some hardware firewalls come with this function. Based on the type of firewall and its filtering features, here are the stuff you can block:

  • Certain types of IP address
  • Desired URLs
  • Some kinds of files
  • And desired keywords.

Packet Data State Inspection

Also known as the Stateful Packet Inspection, this feature allows the firewall to check each packet data thoroughly. Both those that come in and out of your device.

The packet data are checked down to their application layer. Do you know what this means? The chances of infected files slipping through becomes way slimmer.

Remote Access VPNs

There are three main types of VPNs. The remote access VPN is one of those main types. With this feature running on your firewall device, you can change your location to any part of the world.

Access information restricted to your region. And your data which passes through the VPN server is encrypted. That way, you and your content is not only safe but remains private.

Site-To-Site VPNs

Site-to-site is another main type of VPN which you can find in your firewall. They are mostly used for businesses and work as the name suggest.

The VPN serve as a tunnel between your network and another’s network. Only users of your network and the other can access each other.

What Is The Best Hardware Firewall Device For Home and Small Business?

Talking about why a firewall device is better than the software won’t be complete without giving some recommendation. So, after deploying a critical evaluation of currently trending products, here are those that suck less and perform way better than the competition:

1. CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall

CUJO AI firwall

With a sleek, aesthetic design, and superb all-around performance, the CUJO firewall is a perfect tool to use and proudly sample at any part of your home.

The CUJO AI Smart Internet Security firewall is a very sleek and high performing device for both home users and small businesses out there. The device works with AI intelligence and is cloud-based. It can learn from attacks as they come.

And not only does it learn from attacks on its front, but also from those that attack other CUJO. That means, if some other person’s CUJO gets attacked by a new virus or malware, it will observe and modify itself against such attacks in the future. But it won’t stop there.

The device, will take its new knowledge and send it as updates to other operating CUJOs. The firewall also has a 1GB Ethernet port and an easy to use app that gives you full control. There is a parental control option to filter what your kids view, and lots more functions.

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2. Bitdefender Box 2 – Best Runner Up

Bitdefender Box 2

Backed with intuitive technology and a wide range of device connectivity, the Bitdefender, surely has the home user in mind in every step of its creation.

The Bitdefender has the home users at heart and tries to make things simple while backing it with performance. The firewall can keep safe a wide range of devices aside from phones and PCs.

It can protect your baby monitors, smart TVs and more. There are 1GBps Ethernet ports and a dual-core processor for network speed.

The 2019 version houses a tight security measure which combines both basic firewall protection and antivirus protection for both PCs and Android devices.

Another good thing about this product is that it uses both hardware, software, and cloud security to keep things better secured.

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3. SonicWall | SOHO | 01-SSC-0217 | Security VPN Firewall

sonic wall firwall

Owning an anti-malariated spyware technology and the ability to take up 100s of port connection without compromising security, this device sure gives a run for the money.

The Sonicwall firewall might not be much of a beauty, but it compensates that with performance. The unit houses a Unified Threat Management System that allows it to cater to a wide range of security issues — using both hardware and cloud-based protection strategy, this device present spyware protection, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and application control.

There is also an SSL VPN feature for PCs and mobile phones. The Deep Packet Inspection feature allows it to smoothly check the data coming and going out of your network. Combined with the Dell X-series switches, the machine can seamlessly manage all the connection ports it possesses.

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4. Norton Core Secure WiFi Router – an excellent choice to consider for homes

norton core secure wifi router

Backed with an antivirus and malware protection as part of its multi-layered security measures, this Firewall has the potential of giving all-around protection against attacks.

The Norton core secure WiFi Router owns a 4×4 Mu-Mimo antenna which is there to boost performance speed. The multi-layered protection system allows this unit to protect your home gadgets from various kinds of attacks.

It also enables it to detect intrusion and block it quickly. With this firewall, every device connected to it is analyzed and quarantined if needed. You can use the security features of this unit while on the go with an internet connection.

Setup and control process is way simple thanks to the application feature. Another bonus for the Norton firewall is the parental control feature and its ability to work with Amazon Alexia for full smart home coverage.

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5. Cisco Small Business RV110W Wireless N VPN Firewall Router

cisco small business firwall device

With a wireless and wired connection option backed with the ability to connect virtual networks, this firewall comes packed with enough juice to satisfy both small businesses and homes.

The Cisco RV110W firewall comes with four fast Ethernet ports to allow you to connect your work devices like printers and all. To manage the device wherever you are, the firewall works with a browser-based manager.

You can connect to this device both through wired and wireless option. Also, you get the chance to use external virtual networks with this firewall. And with that, you can set up wireless guess access that is secure and also gain access control over your nets.

Another bonus is that the Cisco Firewall has a high speed 802 wireless connection for better throughput and you can work on the go.

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6. Roqos Core VPN Router – Next Generation UTM Firewall

Roqos Vpn Secure router

With a truckload of necessary features and a portable and simple design, the Roqos firewall is a nice addition to homes and offices.

The Roqos firewall has much VPN security features to keep all users safe and anonymous. There is the Global VPN, the VPN IN which maintains a private network in public networks.

You even have a VPN for guests and personal use. For parents, the parent control feature allows you to decide what your kids watch safely. The mobile app enables you to take control easily and makes setting up faster.

Then there is the top security coverage featuring ad block, deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention system, automatic updates and a whole lot more.

With the Roqos firewall, you can provide secured internet usage for a variety of devices.

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Wrapping Up

Firewalls are pretty much important for the best security. VPNs and antivirus on their own can do only much, so are software firewalls.

or optimum safety and convenience, I can’t help but recommend the CUJO firewall. With this unit, surely, your home will remain updated and safe.

However, for small businesses, the capacity of connected gadgets the SonicWall can cover is impressive. Add that to the other amazing features it comes with; this firewall will be a good investment.