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5 Best DSL Modems you can buy in 2018

best DSL modemsIf you are looking to procure internet services for your home, DSL modems offer a great option. The most appealing factor about these modems is that they ensure that your home devices are safely and securely connected to the internet at a bargain price.

However, there are so many brands and models available on the market today making it increasingly hard to choose the most suitable DSL device for your home.

here we compiled a list of the 5 Best DSL modems for 2018.


Router NameMax SpeedStandardEthernet PortsPriceCheck Now!
Netgear Broadband ADSL2
Netgear Broadband ADSL2

(3.9 / 5)
Up To 300 Mbps
ADSL2 Plus
1x Ethernet

D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem
D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem

(3.5 / 5)
Up To 300 Mbps
1x Ethernet

Motorola 2210-02 DSL Modem
Motorola 2210-02 DSL Modem

(3.4 / 5)
Up To 1750 Mbps
1x Ethernet

ZyXEL ADSL 2+ Ethernet
ZyXEL ADSL 2+ Ethernet

(3.4 / 5)
1x Ethernet
Motorola 3360 DSL Modem
Motorola 3360 DSL Modem

(4.3 / 5)
1x Ethernet

Why Buy a DSL Modem?

If you are wondering why you should buy a DSL modem, you came to the right place. Buying a DSL modem is not such an attractive proposition when you consider the fact that nowadays, you can lease internet equipment on a monthly basis from internet service providers.

What’s more is that some providers will provide free maintenance of the equipment during the lease period.However, when you consider the math of both scenarios; buying a DSL modem and leasing a DSL modem from an ISP.

You will realize that if you were to lease the equipment from an ISP and pay the maintenance fee, it would take a full year to match the price of buying a DSL modem. Here’s where things get interesting when you decide to buy a DSL modem.

The first advantage is that when you are buying a DSL modem, you get more options, where you are not limited to the models provided ISP, and therefore you can get better value for money.

The other advantage is that you get value for money when buying a DSL modem as opposed to leasing since the lifespan of DSL modems spans years. This means you will get internet service for years as opposed to one year when you lease the equipment.


Quick Tips to Choose Best DSL Modem

Now that you have decided to buy the DSL modem, here are some of the things you need to know to ensure you get the best value for your buck:

  • Attributes: Before buying the DSL modem, you should know all its attributes. In other words, you should know all its features. DSL modems come with features like:
    1. RJ-11 ADSL port
    2. Ethernet port
    3. Hard reset button
    4. Notification lights that display the status of the modem

    All these are standard attributes that feature across the board. Some not-so-standard features include USB connectivity which allows the user to connect their devices through a USB cable to access the internet. While it is a neat feature, USB connectivity cannot compare to Ethernet connectivity.

    Some features such as software are non-tangible, but you need to ensure that the software is up to scratch with your DSL modem.

    One way to do that is to ensure the software conforms tostandard specifications of ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ which ensures you have quick and easy internet access without having to configure the installation settings manually. VPN pass-through and integrated firewalls are some of the other intangible attributes included in the software.

  • Ease of Use: No-one wants to wrestle with having to configure the modem to access the internet manually. That is why you should get a DSL modem that has automa tic internet configuration settings from the ISP. Often, the latest models are the easiest to install since the pick up the IP settings automatically unlike older models which come with a setup CD that needs to be installed on your computer for it to run.
  • Help and Support: When buying a DSL modem, it is always recommended you look at the warranty period. Some brands give a 90-day warranty while others provide a one year warranty and other brands give up to two years of warranty. Since the attributes of these devices are very similar, the decision to purchase will often boil down to price and warranty.


Here is a Side by Side Comparison Review of the 5 Best DSL Modem You Can Buy

Netgear Broadband ADSL2 Plus Modem (DM111PSP-100NAS)

Netgear Broadband ADSL2 Plus ModemNetgear is a popular brand that manufactures both DSL and modem routers. The ADSL2 Plus model is one example of a DSL modem that provides high-speed internet access.

This model features a small, compact design that saves up on space.Once you purchase it, the process of setting it up and installing it is easy, the only thing you need is the instruction manual, and you are set.

When it comes to connectivity, you can connect this modem to any computer or wireless router with ease. Furthermore, you can connect this Netgear with DSL and ADSL internet providers like AT&T, Qwest, Verizon, etc.

However, it will not work on cable internet providers like Comcast, Cox, Charter, etc. and non-ADSL internet providers like AT&T U-verse, Verizon FIOS, etc.

Is the NetgearADSL2 Plus any good? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. The simplistic nature of this modem and quick install was a welcome feature.

In regards to performance, even with heavy internet users around the home, this modem handles all the traffic. It only gets a little hot but never crashes.

The best thing about the Netgear ADSL2 Plus is that it provides internet stability without constant resets at a moderate price.


D-Link ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-520B)

D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet ModemThe D-Link ADSL2+ is a DSL modem that offers high-speed ADSL internet connectivity. The first impression about the ADSL2+ modem is that it is compact and has a great design that not only saves up on space but allows easy access to connect cables.

When it comes to connectivity, you can connect this modem wirelessly to any Wi-Fi enabled device or via cable in the form of Ethernet LAN port which comes with auto MDI and MDIX.

In regards to safety, the ADSL2+ is fitted with a protective firewall to keep hackers out of your home network. What’s more, it also comes with certified from various international internet encryption companies such as CSA, RoHS Compliant, CE, etc .

Before I make the final remark, I need to address the firmware on this D-Link. The firmware in some models does not provide the option of changing the date settings which might be problematic for people in different time zones.

Also the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an official firmware update from D-Link, users have to live with it as is.However, that being said, the lack of a firmware update is a minor issue since the current firmware runs smoothly. Also, the date settings do not prevent the modem from working as it should.

The main reason a user might want to adjust the date settings is to keep better track of the log files and what are the chances that you as a buyer will want to do that? On the grand scheme of things, the D-Link is a high=performance DSL modem that I would recommend to anyone.


Motorola 2210-02 DSL Modem

Motorola 2210-02 DSL ModemLooking at the Motorola 2210-02 modem, it is hard to identify where to start since it has so much going for it. As for its looks and design, it is small and compactly built for saving space.

On saving space, this modem can be fitted with wall mounting hardware and provides flexibility with regards to mounting. Mounting flexibility allows you to place it vertically or horizontally depending on your position for easy access to the modem.

When it comes to features, the Motorola 2210-02is fitted with all the bells and whistles you could ever need in a DSL modem. You have connectivity features like wireless capabilities and Ethernet ports for wired connectivity.

The 2210-02 is heavily guarded with a 2-level password protected access and encrypted firewalls to deliver maximum safety by keeping out unauthorized users.

The final verdict is that this Motorola 2210-02 modem is not a top tier DSL modem available on the market but is just as capable as any top DSL modem.

The fact that it overheats when used heavily and extensively is normal for all modems and therefore should not alarm you. Also, heat does not affect the performance in any way.

Ultimately, the Motorola 2210-02 is one of the best all round DSL modems on sale today.


ZyXEL ADSL 2+ Ethernet Router (P660R-F1)

ZyXEL ADSL 2+ Ethernet RouterApart from the name, nothing about the ZyXEL ADSL 2+ is uncertain. With the help of the instruction manual, installation is easy and won’t take up much of your time.

One thoughtful factor about this modem is that it comes fully configured from the manufacturers, therefore, does not need you to go through the hassle of trying to configure it for yourself like in other models.

Once you set up the ZyXEL ADSL 2+, you get super-fast ADSL2+ internet connectivity that is best in its class. What’s more, the internet access on the ZyXEL ADSL 2+ is encrypted to protect your home network from malicious malware and individuals trying to access your files and manipulate your system.

This modem is also highly compatible with other devices meaning all your devices can stay connected to the internet.

The final say is that the ZyXEL ADSL 2+ is not the easiest to pronounce or the best looking. In fact, it is the worst looking among the other modems in this list, but the truth is that the look of the ZyXEL ADSL 2+ is an insignificant factor that buyers won’t take into consideration when looking to buy a DSL modem.

That said, the security, compatibility, connectivity, the performance levels and the price of this modem are just right, and therefore it represents excellent value for money.


Motorola 3360 DSL Modem

Motorola 3360 DSL ModemLast but not least is the Motorola 3360. Installing this modem is a breeze thanks to the AT&T self-install kit that is included with this modem.

In regards to connectivity and compatibility, this device’s wireless capabilities and Ethernet connectivity allow the users to connect to any device they own.

What’s more, the Motorola 3360 supports multiple users who can utilize the modem’s network by sharing data files such as media files, gaming files, and documents, etc.

But that’s not all; this device will share all your files and connect you to the internet securely and at super-fast speeds.

This is all thanks to the 24Mbps transfer rates and the network encryption suite installed in the device that creates a secure firewall to offer virus protection, create a spam guard and allow parental controls.

The Motorola 3360 is, without doubt, the best looking modem in this review. The unit is slick, has great proportions and looks unique.

You get quick installation with this device, and it never runs hot or reboots when overworked.Overall, the Motorola 3360 is a reliable modem that will guarantee your satisfaction. Upon testing, we couldn’t find any drawback with it, and its performance was top notch.


Final Verdict

  • We hope you enjoyed and found this review about Best DSL modems to be insightful. We tested a handful of brands and models, and according to our professional opinion, the modems we featured in this review are the best in the business. Ultimately, the choice of buying remains with you, but we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with whichever modem you choose from this review. All the best.

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