Best DSL Modem Router Combo 2022

Best DSL Modem Router Combo 2022: A Quick Buying Guide Attached

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Earlier, I published an article “best DSL modems 2022“. Now, “best DSL modem router combo 2022″. Why two separate pages? Well, I have been using DSL modems and routers for the last decade. That’s why I know where I used to get confused. In other words, I don’t want you to get confused and make a smart choice while purchasing a combo DSL modem/router. Therefore, I kept everything separate from DSL modems in this article. So, we’re going to discuss only DSL modems/router combos here. 

For those who don’t have much knowledge about DSL combos. Check my ‘Quick Buying Guide‘ below, or just click and read your desired question; it will take you to the answer directly.

  1. What is DSL Modem router Combo?
  2. DSL modem/router combo’ advantages & disadvantages.
  3. Should I buy a separate standalone Modem or Modem/router Combo?
  4. A quick buying guide. 

Before I let you know which is the best WiFi DSL modem/combo, I want you to note down a few things:

  1. Be clear about the DSL modems and modem/router combos. 
  2. Make sure your ISP’s support the combo you choose.
  3. Buy as per your needs. If you already have a separate DSL modem, then don’t waste money on combos. 
  4. Make sure your ISP lets you use your own modem/router. 

Okay, here are my top three DSL modem router combos for 2022:

  1. TRENDnet AC750 Wireless VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem Router
  2. MOTOROLA VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem + WiFi AC1600
  3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

Full Reviews: The three best out of 49 DSL modem-router combos for 2022.  

1. TRENDnet AC750 Wireless VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem Router – Best Affordable DSL Modem Router Combo

best dsl modem router combos


  1. VDSL2/ADSL2+ supported
  2. Wireless AC750 ( 433Mbps + 300Mbps)
  3. 4x Ethernet LAN Ports
  4. 1x WAN Ports
  5. 2x USB ports
  6. 3G WAN Backup
  7. One-touch connection

My Views:

The TRENDnet is a popular brand in modem’s industry. It offers advanced features with high-quality at a very low price range. I included this DSL combo for those who are under budget or looking for a budget-friendly unit. If this is the case, then TRENDnet (TEW-816DRM) is for you. 


A modem that supports the latest VDSL version VDSL2 and ADSL version ADSL2+. In addition, it provides downstream speeds of up to 200Mbps. The TRENDnet TEW-816DRM comes under $70 and offers a combined WiFi speeds of up to 750Mbps. Being a dual-band modem/router combo, it delivers 433Mbps on 5Ghz band + 300Mbps on 2.4Ghz band). 

Hardware & Design:

When it comes to the design, it looks small but solid. On the backside, it has some essential ports and switches, including VDSL/ADSL port (RJ-11 telephone cable), 4x LAN Ethernet ports (yellow) for multiple wired connections, 1x WAN port (red), reset button, 1x USB 3.0 ports (these USB ports allow media content sharing within the network), and the power outlet. 

Unlike others, the company utilizes its right side as well; It includes Wireless On/OFF along with WPS button, one USB 3.0 port, and unit power On/Off button. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. It supports VDSL2 and ADSL+ and compatible with all network profiles. 
  2. Parental controls feature lets you manage all connected devices and websites. 
  3. Pre-encrypted Wireless network with its unique password.
  4. Setup is quite easy and comes with an intuitive guide. 
  5. 4K HD movies and HD gaming without any issues. 

I don’t like:

  1. It doesn’t support bonded DSL and Century Link.


If you are looking for an affordable option, this DSL router will be perfect for you. However, it doesn’t support Century Link and other bonded DSL ISPs. Before buying, make sure you check whether it is compatible with your ISP. Other than that, this combo is worth the money. 

2. MOTOROLA DSL Modem Router – Best DSL Modem/Router combo For CenturyLink & Frontier

Motorola - best dsl modem router combos


  1. VDSL2/ADSL2 supported
  2. Wireless AC1600
  3. 4x Gigabit LAN ports
  4. 1x WAN, 1xDSL port
  5. 1x USB 2.0 port
  6. A 2-year Warranty

My Views:

I consider Motorola MD1600 another excellent option when it comes to the combo. The good about this unit is it supports many ADSL and VDSL services, including CenturyLink, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Frontier, and Fairpoint. However, it doesn’t support Bonded VDSL or ADSL services. 


The Modem side of this combo says it supports VDSL2 and ADSL+ services and somehow manages to deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps as long as you have high-speed ADSL or VDSL Internet service. The Motorola WD1600 is an AC WiFi standard modem/router combo. As its name implies, It can deliver a combined WiFi speeds of up to 1600Mbps using both 3×3 5Ghz and 2×2 2.4Ghz bands.   

Design & Hardware:

MD1600 feels premium; this high-quality product is feature-packed. The front view of this combo is very clean, solid, and quite relaxing, featuring the Motorola logo and its activities through LEDs (12 status-reporting LEDs). On the back panel, you will see this combo includes 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports (the yellow ones), a USB 2.0 port, a reset button, a WAN port, a power outlet, and DSL phone line port. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. It is VPN supported with a built-in firewall. 
  2. It supports most of all DSL providers from CenturyLink to Fairpoint and many others. 
  3. Built-in latest DSL types – VDSL2 and ADSL+.
  4. A 2-year warranty with US-based customer support.

I don’t like:

  1. It doesn’t support Bonded or VDSL vectoring services. 


After using for a couple of months, I can say this DSL modem router combo is a complete solution for your DSL ISPs with an affordable price tag. Take it as an intermediate level combo as it can provide high-speed internet, depending on your ISP. 

However, the only problem with this combo is not paying attention to the supported ISPs by this DSL combo. Make sure you don’t make such a mistake and be smart before buying. 

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router – Best Overall


  1. VDSL2, ADSL2, and ADSL+ supported.
  2. AC1900 WiFi standard
  3. Dual Band ( 600Mbps + 1300Mbps).
  4. 2x USB ports, 4x Gigabit LAN ports
  5. ReadySHARE Vault.

My Views:

The third DSL modem router combo on my list is Netgear Nighthawk D7000. I could have taken this in the first position since it is an expensive option that led me to put on the third position. However, it also doesn’t support bonded VDSL and ADSL ISPs.


The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 D7000 is the last option you have if you want to replace it with your ISP’s provided router/modem. It is compatible with all DSL service providers, including CenturyLink, Frontier, and many more with their latest ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ and VDSL/VDSL2 technologies. Being a dual-band router, this delivers ultra-fast a combined (5Ghz band + 2.4GHz band) WiFi speeds of up to 1.9Gbps (which is unexpected from a DSL combo). 

Hardware & Design:

It is equipped with a powerful dual-core processor that allows you to stream 4K content and HD gaming with ease. In addition, you can connect multiple devices and make multiple wired connections without compromising with speeds. 

The design of this DSL combo has totally changed if compared to the previous model D6400. This DSL modem router combo doesn’t look like Netgear’s older modems as they have applied the same design, as we see in the Netgear Nighthawk R series.  

In this model, you will find three external antennas; earlier, they were hidden. The D7000 front view lets you know about the modem and router’s activities through LEDs. On the other hand, the back panel contains ports, buttons, switch, and connectors. If I start from the left side of the panel, you’ll see an LED Off/On switch, reset button, Power On/Off button, DC power connector, Internet port (RJ-45), 4x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 LAN ports, and DSL port. Not done yet, Its each side panel houses USB 3.0 ports. 

Pros & Cons:

I like:

  1. The Genie Genie app works great when it comes to remote router management. 
  2. It supports high-speed DSL VDSL2/ADSL2+. 
  3. ReadySHAE Vault feature allows automatic PC backup directly to USB, HDD, or any storage device.
  4. Multiple devices at once work flawlessly, whether they are wired or wireless. 

I don’t like:

  1. It is not compatible with bonded VDSL and ADSL services.


The Netgear Nighthawk D7000 is an overall best DSL combo modem/router you can go for. However, it is an expensive option compared to the above DSL combos. If you can’t afford it, then you can go for its AC1600 modem. AC1600 D6400 is also a good option with almost the same features and an affordable price tag. 

Buying Guide: How to buy the best DSL modem/router combo in 2022?

What is DSL Modem router Combo?

It is a combination of two units: router and modem; thus, it has two-in-one functionality. Meaning, you don’t need two separate devices for your DSL Internet connection. Therefore, these units are modern and considered the best in terms of compatibility. However, you have to spend more compared to a standalone unit. 

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages if you choose a DSL modem/router combo. 

Now, let a look at some advantages of buying a DSL modem/router combo. However, there are some disadvantages as well, which we will discuss soon too. 


  1. It saves money; you can save up to $150 every month, depending on your Internet Service Provider. 
  2. No doubt, it saves space on your desk. 
  3. You can get rid of those weird-looking cables around your modem. 
  4. It increases compatibility since it is a combo, meaning no compatibility issues, which we usually face while combining separate standalone modem and router together. 


  1. The combo unit are expensive compared to a standalone unit. 
  2. When it comes to upgrading, we can’t upgrade its router or modem alone because of being a combo. 
  3. Somewhat if one of the units (modem or router) stops working, there is no chance to replace the single unit. 

Bottom Line:

Both DSL modem and DSL combo have thier pros and cons. But, one thing you should always keep in mind that modem technologies haven’t changed that much compared to the router. Hence, a standalone DSL modem is more futuristic than a combo. If you’ve changed your mind and want to know more about DSL modems, then check my previous article, “the best DSL modems.”  

Should I buy a separate standalone Modem or Modem/router Combo?

If you have read the advantages and disadvantages, you’ve already known that it depends. But, I want you to choose as per your needs. I mean, if you already have a modem on your desk, then no need to buy a combo DSL. Instead, It would be better to have a compatible standalone router. 


Having read so far, you know that I’ve reviewed three best DSL modem router combo. I took them, keeping all types of users in mind.

The first DSL modem/router combo is good for those who don’t want to spend much money or people who are looking for an under budget option. 

The second DSL combo is suitable for those who are intermediate level. That is why you have to spend a little more as it has more features and some advantage technologies. 

The third DSL router-modem combo is future-proof and comes with some advanced features and technologies which we only see in high-end standalone routers. Being feature-packed, this DSL combo is expensive than the above two reviewed combos. 

Still confused or having trouble while purchasing your desired one, let’s use that badass comment section below. LoL. I would love to help you out. Thanks. 

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