5 Best Cable Modems of 2022

The 5 Best Cable Modems for 2022 | High-Speed Docsis 3.0 Modems

If you have ever used a cable connection, you probably know the gadget that provides connection to your device, the cable modem.

People never really care much about the device because after all, internet providers include whatever model they prefer as part of the setup.

However, they do not provide you that device out of the kindness of heart, they charge you for it every month!. So, why not consider buying your own cable modem?

We have discussed some of the most important features and benefits in an attempt to help you choose one that will best suit your internet connection needs.

Why Buy a Cable Modem

Now, is buying the modem worth it? First, rental cable modem isn’t costly, the cost is usually between $ 5 to 10 every months, so what the big deal? I can list a lot of reasons here to buy one for yourself, but think about this, how long do you think you can use a cable modem, years, right?

Let us do some math her; a solid modem costs around $ 60 to $100, so if your provider is charging $10 a month for the rental, how many months will take to recover the amount? Less than a year, and in two years’ time you will have saved over $ 140. The point is, buying one for yourself will save money in the long run not to mention you have a chance to pick one that you feel will work better.

Choose As Per Your Needs!

Comcast Xfinity is one of the best overall ISP. Firstly, there’s no other ISP which serves as many states like this one; serves more than a whopping 41 states. It also offers speeds as fast as 2 Gbps and has multiple package options to suit different needs.

Play your favorite online games including FIFA, GTA V or NFL with the most reliable internet connectivity without worrying of a possible disconnection.

With Time Warner Cable, you’ll get the highest-speed Internet you require to play games, stream videos, download music and much more across multiple gadgets in your house without sacrificing performance.

Cox is a great ISP offering internet plans with speeds which are specifically tailored for every user. Whether you are a casual surfer or you are a heavy Internet user, there is an Internet package for you at a very friendly price.

Take a look at five best cable modems review for 2022

1. ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

ARRIS SB6142 is one of the many people’s favourite best cable modem you will come across more specifically because it’s versatile. You can easily switch between major internet providers and it supports the latest internet standards.

The ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 features a DOCSIS 3.0 technology, that bonds up to eight downstream channels and 4 upstream, allowing data for speeds of 343mbps down and up to 131 Mbs up, but of course that will depend on with your provider.It also comes with a different package speed and options including the modem and router combo.

2. TP-Link DOCSIS 3.0 (16×4) High-Speed Cable Modem

TP-Link N300 DOCSIS 3.0 (8x4) Wireless Wi-Fi

TP-link is well known for its hardware performances and when it comes to the affordability of network devices, no company does better than they do. This model is no different; it is probably the most affordable only cable modem you will come across, compatible with internet plans for up to 300 Mbps and to different major ISP including Comcast, Cable vision as well as Time Warner Cable.

Unlike unfounded model, this one has a channel bonding of up to 16 downstream and 4 upstream providing data rates of up to 680 Mbps down and 143 Mbps Up.

3. ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Arris Motorola SURFboard SB6183

ARRIS has remained the top contender when it comes to network equipment. The ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 cable modem is one of their wired modem only, compatible with almost all major internet provider for up to 300 Mbps plan.

Based on your Provider, internet speed is up to 690 Mbps download and 131 uploads and there is a Gigabit Ethernet port ton connect to a router. The ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 is DOCSIS 3.0, therefore, can handle 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels. It simply features great performance, not quite cheap as per say, but stable and easy to maintain.

4. Zoom 16×4 Cable Modem 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0

Zoom 16x4 Cable Modem

There is quite a lot to like on the Zoom 16×4 Cable Modem, one being that you will get a two years warranty from Zoom telephonic. It supported by major providers like Comcast and Time Warner cable and other ISP. Zoom cable modem also offers incredible downstream and upstream (16 x4) internet speed.

Unlike most modem of its kind, It works with almost all modern services and with Windows, Mac as well as other Ethernet capable computers and routers. For the bargain hunter, this is the best bet,

5. NETGEAR CM600 (24×8) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

NETGEAR CM600 (24x8) Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0

NETGEAR CM600 might not be the cheapest option you will come across, but it is definitely the best, so if you have been waiting for a more robust modem capable of much higher speed then this should be your pick. With speeds up to 960 Mbps assuming you will subscribe to a better internet service which is more than enough to stream HD videos and play high-speed games.

It’s compatible with many US service providers more than any cable modem you will come across. Keep in mind the even though it is compatible with many providers, it won’t work with Cable-bundle voice service, which could be a problem with VoIP focused businesses.

What to know before buying a cable modem?

There is no doubt that buying your own cable modem has its advantages, but before you head on shopping, there are few things you might need to know.

  • Make sure it works with your cable provider: Although almost every modem will work with almost all providers, there are those that can’t, so you need to know whether the modem you intent to buy will work with your network provider. They usually limit the number of products compatible with their services, thus you will find most of them with a list of cable modem they feel will work best with their services on their page.
  • Speed: All cable modem will conform to certain standards, but that does not mean that they will deliver the same download speeds, so this is something to look at when choosing a modem. DOCSIS is the standard cable companies’ use and comes in different iterations, i.e., 1.0 x, 2.0 x, and 3.0 x.
  • Docsis 3.0: Docsis 3.0 or higher means the best performance; they are capable of channel bonding enabling multiple downstream and upstream channel at the same time with the same user. The more channels your device can bond, the higher speed you can expect. Remember, though, the speed of the model won’t make internet connection faster, it all goes down to the Mbps that you buy.
  • Ethernet port speed: If you have slow Ethernet port, there is no way your connection will be any faster even when you have the fastest router. Now, there are a lot of ways to choke points limiting the speed, and Ethernet cord is one of them. You will be lucky if your modem supports the Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Decide modem or cable modem router combo: You can decide to purchase a cable modem router combination and honestly a significant part of your network connection will be integrated. There are few wires, less clutter, and the setup is just simple, however, this option is expensive, since you will have to replace your entire device as well as buying new devices so you might want to consider upgrading your wireless router.

Final Words

You will probably note that all the five selected cable modems here share the same similarities, so choosing might seem quite easy, but the devil is in the details. You shouldn’t rush into buying a cable modem just because it’s affordable or you think it’s expensive enough to suit your needs. You need to check whether it’s compatible, know the speeds and possible failures then pick one that best suits your needs. Overall, you need to get the best device of your own, not a rental as it will save you a lot in the long-run.

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  2. I am wondering if my modem? should be replaced. I have had this one for about 10 years and it seems that every 3 to 4 days I have to disconnect it, wait 5 minutes, then plug it in again. Sometimes I have to do this 2 or 3 times before I can get onto the internet. It can take 10 minutes (timed) before my telephone comes back on.
    Now to add to this, I am confined to a wheelchair and the guy who installed this many years ago was very conservative when it came to the length of the coax cable, so I cannot reach
    the modem, I have to throw a switch to turn it off along with the computer, printer and lamp. How can this be solved? I’m getting frustrated!


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