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Best AC900 Wireless Routers Review

AC900 Wireless RoutersThe AC900 wireless routers are considered as premium devices and are packed with many features that are useful to all types of users including advanced users like developers or testers.

These devices are known to provide around 450Mbps across each band and they also keep the network free from congestion or any disturbances due to access load.

These AC routers are the best option for people looking for router upgrades as it works on the latest AC standard.


Why should you buy a AC900 router?

Firstly, the AC900 wireless routers are great for people looking for a powerful and reliable device. They are perfectly capable of executing heavy networking tasks much more efficiently as compared to the lower router models. Let’s look at some of the other popular features seen in these AC900 wireless routers.

  • Backward Compatibility with all the previous networking standards such as a,b,g, and n. This makes it possible to use all the older wireless devices that do not support the AC standard.
  • The AC900 wireless routers are a step ahead of all other ac standard variants like AC750 in not just speed but also coverage and functionality.
  • Data Transmission speeds are greatly enhanced with the AC900 router as these devices work with eight spatial stream as compared to four streams seen in the N routers. This greatly improves the network stability and even makes data file transfers quicker over the network.
  • The Multi-beam technology used in the AC router is different from the N router, they use an upgrade spectrum with 256 QAM which is a great improvement compared to the 64 QAM used in the N routers to directly beam the signal to the user’s device.


2 Best AC900 Wireless Routers Review


Linksys AC900 Wi-Fi Wireless

Linksys makes great networking devices which can be trusted for staggering speeds and reliability, now with the AC900 they have made a truly premium AC router which makes a great upgrade for people using the conventional N routers. The features that make this router stand out is the Beamforming features that now works of 256 QAM to deliver a much stronger and faster signal, it is also known to prevent interruption. Further, it is compatible with Linksys App called Smart-Wi-Fi, this give the user the freedom to control their network from anywhere in the world.

Upgrading your home network with this router will surely power up the performance significantly and also give some compatibility with the upcoming devices too.


Linksys EA6200 Dual Band WI-FI Router Review


Belkin AC 900 Dual-Band AC+ Router (F9K1117) Review

Belkin AC 900 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC Plus Gigabit Router (F9K1117)

Belkin routers have become quite popular in the recent year due to the immense demand, the AC900 is a great router that promises to provide twice the speed of an N standard router. Like their other device this router is also quite easy to setup and can be done from any device like smartphones, laptops, etc. The have built this router to work with Intellistream which is their own version of QoS which can automatically prioritize some tasks to let the users enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

Further, these routers come with Norton’s trusted parental control which can be used to protect the network and the users from unwanted or harmful sites. All in all this is a brilliant device with an impressive features list and a reliable performance.


Belkin AC900 DB Wireless Router Review & Setup

Compare Linksys AC900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band (EA6200) Vs BELKIN AC 900 DUAL-BAND AC+ ROUTER (F9K1117)

Name of the RouterLinksys AC900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band (EA6200)BELKIN AC 900 DUAL-BAND AC+ ROUTER (F9K1117)
ImageLinksys AC900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router<br /> BELKIN AC 900 DUAL-BAND AC+ ROUTER (F9K1117)
Editor Ratings (3.7 / 5) (3.2 / 5)




Data Transfer Rate900 Mbps900 Mbps
Wireless Comm Standard802 11 AC802 11 AC
BandsDual BandDual Band
SecurityWPA2/WPA (mixed)WPA2/WPA (mixed)
Wired Ports4 (gigabit)4
Parental ControlsYesYes

Final Verdict

  • For the people who stay updated with the latest technology and wireless devices the AC routers are the best choice if they are look to buy a new router or even if they want to upgrade the existing one. They are known to improve almost every aspect of networking including speed, performance, reliability, coverage and compatibility, this makes the AC routers ideal for people who want a significantly improved performance.

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