Best AC3200 Wireless Routers Review

Best AC3200 Wireless Routers

AC3200 Wireless Routers

The AC3100 is the beginning of the truly premium line of routers, they are priced quite high due to their feature-rich profile and Tri-Band functionality.

There are a few more benefits that make these elite devices stand apart from any other regular router, here we will discuss some premium features and outline the top AC3200 Wireless Routers available in the market today.

Due to the high price of this device, there are plenty of features to enhance the user’s experience, here are a few outlined features and how they can benefit the users.

  • Fluid and Easy to use, the user interface makes the installation process easy. It even helps the users to manage their network and make real-time changes from any connected device.
  • Tri-Band functionality adds a little more convenience to people to have multiple connected devices, this feature significantly reduces the load on the network and enhances the network speed.
  • Two High-Speed5GHz bands will give optimum speeds to all the users connected to the network.
  • Cloud-enabled settings to allow the users to monitor or makes changes their home network from anywhere.


1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit WiFi Router (R8000)

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit WiFi Router (R8000)

Netgear has come a long way in creating next-generation wireless devices, they were the first manufacturers to come up with a Tri-Band router or commercial use. Their AC3200 Router is perfect to handle a variety of devices all at once since it delivers a thoroughly impressive performance both in terms of speed and range.

The Nighthawk X6 or the AC3600 comes with a beautiful mesh body design and six high-powered antennas, it is quite heavy and take quite some place but delivers excellent functionality and all premium functions seen in its range.


2. ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Router Review

ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit RouterComing just a little expensive than its dual-band variant the RT-AC3200 functions with two 5Ghz and one 2.5Ghz respectively. Besides having a powerful hardware and excellent performance it also has a list of impressive features, it can also work as an efficient VPN server.

Though it is quite highly priced it can surely fit into anyone’s home network needs very easily. If you would use the network to do a lot of intense tasks that demand a powerful router this can surely get the job done.


 D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band (DIR-890L/R)

D-Link Ultra AC5300 Tri-BandD-Link AC3200 AC3200 has been it the talks because of its unique body design, apart from the staggering look it packs quite a powerful performance with some premium hardware and some crucial features to support them.

It is extremely user-friendly and is regularly chosen by demanding gamers and families for its blazing fast network speed and intelligent load management system. Further, it’s six high powered antennas work excellently with beamforming giving the users optimum signals at all times.


Final Verdict

  • If you really want to have a router that feels premium and handles pretty much any task without any trouble these devices may be a good option, their features are considered the best in the class and the AC3200 Wireless Routers mostly stand apart because of their unique Tri-Band functionality. We would suggest this to users who can afford to spend a little extra to ensure a better performance.

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