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About Us

About us pickmyrouter.com

Pickmyrouter.com is a user-friendly site that features the best wireless router reviews. Wireless routers are our specialty where we research the latest models on the market and acquire them just to put them through a series of tests to determine the best routers.

The best thing about our review team is that they understand the key aspect of reviewing and that is, different people have different needs when looking to purchase a wireless router. Some of the common things people consider before buying a router include the price, how they plan to use it, lifespan, durability, and effectiveness of the router among other factors. We account for everything in our review process, and therefore we have structured our final remarks in an inclusive way that meets the objectives of everyone.

We review routers on a regular basis and feature the best brands of routers on the market such as Tp-Link, Netgear, Asus, D-Link, Linksys, and Apple Routers. Our blog is active and is rich with compelling content regarding wireless routers. So whether you want the latest router for your office or are looking to set up a router for your home, we’ve got you covered.


Where Inspired This Idea?

Before we initiated this project, we had prior experience in the router industry where we worked for different companies that manufactured these routers. Naturally, we had a competitive rivalry going on about which of our companies was producing the best routers.

During our spare time, we would head for drinks, and we would spend hours on end arguing about which is the best router. Since our egos would not let us accept defeat and no one wanted to go home with their tail between their legs, we would end up disagreeing on almost everything.

One day, during our routine dance, we decided to use facts to finally settle this ongoing debate that had been going on for years. We decided to each go and prepare a detailed report describing why we think our choice router was the best. We each picked the latest flagship models from our respective companies and wrote reports on them. From that moment, we decided that would be how we would settle the �best wireless router’ debate and hence we started pickmyrouter.com for people struggling to choose a router.


Mission and Vision

Since time in memorial, people have bought products that have been vouched for by their friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Few of them can manage to do a market research and so, from day one, our mission has been to use our vast experience and expertise in empowering buyers of wireless routers. This is to ensure that these buyers choose a good router that will serve them best.

Our vision is to continue researching and reviewing wireless routers until everyone across the globe has gotten themselves a router they can take pride in.



Too many times, people have been lied to and led to buying substandard wireless routers by commission hungry sales people. This can go on no longer, and that is why our core values are honesty and unbiasedness. We take it upon ourselves to fact check every review we do to before posting it.

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