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Let’s Compare A Modem, A Router, And A Modem/Router Combo

You can either use a modem, a router, or a modem/router combo to provide a reliable connection to your home or office. But you probably wonder what the heck are the similarities and the differences between the three devices. Here’s a quick overview of each with pros and cons as well.


A modem is a gadget, which offers internet access.

  • Provides high-speed internet
  • Connects to the ISP that essentially provides either DSL or cable Internet service
  • Cannot dispatch the internet info to your devices, to do this, you’ll need a router.


A router is a small device which lets multiple gadgets to join a similar network.

  • Allows multiple devices to join the same network
  • Provides wireless connectivity so there’s no need to use wires
  • Doesn’t necessarily offer access to the Internet.

Modem/Router Combo

A combo is a combination of both a router and a modem in a single device.

  • Features modem functions as well as router functions.
  • It is easier to install than a separate router and modem.
  • The device isn’t suitable for advanced and more massive usage such as advanced parental control and web hosting.

Other Additional Accessories You May Buy Together

Access points offer and maintains a more stable connection to the internet. They do so by giving an interface between the wired network and electronic devices via Wi-Fi.

An outdoor WiFi repeater enables you to access the internet when you are outdoor. It is primarily used to broaden or to double the coverage of your Wi-Fi network.

Wifi extenders are devices which allows you to extend the range of your existing wireless network. Wifi extenders are also known as repeaters since they tend to repeat the network signal making it stronger.

Powerline adapters are simple-to-install digital devices for modern homes. They offer you faster speeds than Wi-Fi if you’re linking far-located devices to your network.

Additional Networking Devices To Buy

PCI Wireless Cards are innovative devices which are put into computers that lack Wi-Fi capability to assist them to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

NAS Drives are multiple hard drives that are inserted in the bays of chassis and enclosed in a casing which is linked to a router. This gadget allows users who share a single router to view and use the files saved in the network storage.

Dual WAN routers are routers which are equipped with two Internet ports and can be used to connect reliably to two internet connections.

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