9 Excellent Ideas To Boost Wi-Fi Signals

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9 Excellent Ideas To Boost Wi-Fi Signals

Use The Modern Wi-Fi Technologies
If you want to make your network as reliable and quick as possible, make sure that you use the latest hardware. It is imperative for you to know that Wireless A, B, G, & N wireless models are a bit older while wireless AC is the most updated offering.
Move the other Wireless gadgets Away From the Area
If you have other wireless gadgets such as baby monitors or wireless phones around the area where you’re experiencing connection problems, try to move them to a place where you don’t require a Wi-Fi connection.

Most wireless gadgets operate on a similar frequency as a wireless router. That said, it’s obvious that you may experience a reduction of signal strength if you’re near the wireless gadget.

Move the Router Closer
Wireless signals may also be weakened by going through solid objects such as walls. So if the router is on one side of your home, the wireless signals may be weakened by the time they get to the other side of the home. You better position your router in a central area which is free of obstructions such as walls.
Get External Antenna
External antennas are readily available in two main varieties: high gain, that broadcasts the signal in one direction and omnidirectional, that transmits in all directions. If you just want to get the signal to broadcast from a perfect position, the omnidirectional antenna is your best bet. But if the router is located on one side of your home, the high gain antennae can be an excellent way to enhance the strength of your signal.

Control Bandwidth-Hogging applications

there someone in your home who regularly play online games or video chats? If yes, they may be making the internet weaker for everyone else. Fortunately, you may use an application known as QoS or Quality of Service to reign in such bandwidth hogs. By use of the Quality of Service, you can prioritize some applications so the most crucial apps get the bandwidth they deserve.

Find the right wireless channel

routers of your neighbours may interfere with yours causing the signal to weaken. Wireless routers may operate on different channels, and you have to make yours run on a channel which has little or no interference. You may use a tool like Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler to find the best channel in your home.

Match the frequency

your Wi-Fi box is running on a 5 or 2.4Ghz band, ensure that the extender matches. Enhancing a 2.4Gz signal is an excellent choice if you have the option, but enhancing your short-range 5Ghz signal is better.
Signal strength indicator
Here do you put your extender for perfect signal enhancement? If you place it too close to your Wi-Fi box, you won’t get the perfect coverage. If you go too far, the degraded signal won’t help you. Go for the extenders which give signal strength indication so you can get just the perfect spot.
Change an Old Router to a Wi-Fi Repeater
If turning an old router to a wi-fi repeater doesn’t help, you will have to acquire a new range extender for your house. They are not so much expensive, but if you are not willing to pay for another hardware, you may change an Old Router to a Wi-Fi Repeater.


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