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The Best Wireless Routers

Thousands of buyers used our site last month to look for the best wireless router. Here are our Top picks.

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Choose According To Your Specific Needs

We have taken off all the hassle of looking for the best but cheap wireless router by preparing a list of the best wireless routers under $100.

Enhance your gaming experience with the latest and the most advanced state of the art wireless routers for gaming.

Gain access to a local network with not only your laptops and desktops but also new gaming consoles, printers, tablets, Smartphone, other Smart devices – Name it all.

Play your favorite online games including FIFA, GTA V or NFL with the most reliable internet connectivity without worrying of a possible disconnection.

Most Buyers Also Look For

Enjoy more reliable internet connection with your own modem and save on those monthly bills which you’d have otherwise paid to service providers.

Enhance the performance of your router and unleash its full potential to experience more functionalities like tweaks, overclocking, boosting the signal strength and range, and more.

Gain unlimited access to geo-restricted network resources and also encrypt and secure your communication when using an untrustworthy public network.

Enjoy incredibly high-speed internet by connecting with the access point to a switch, hub, or a router.

Compare a modem, a router, and a modem/router combo

You can either use a modem, a router, or a modem/router combo to provide a reliable connection to your home or office. But you probably wonder what the heck are the similarities and the differences between the three devices. Here’s a quick overview of each with pros and cons as well.


A modem is a gadget, which offers internet access.


  • Provides high-speed internet
  • Connects to the ISP that essentially provides either DSL or cable Internet service


  • Cannot dispatch the internet info to your devices, to do this, you’ll need a router.



A router is a small device which lets multiple gadgets such as laptops, tablets, Smartphones and much more to join a similar network.


  • Allows multiple devices to join the same network
  • Provides wireless connectivity so there’s no need to use wires


  • Doesn’t necessarily offer access to the Internet.

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Modem/Router Combo

A Modem / Router Combo is a combination of both a router and a modem in a single device which is two in one.


  • It is a two in one device. Features modem functions as well as router functions.
  • It is easier to install than a separate router and modem.


  • The device isn’t suitable for advanced and more massive usage such as advanced parental control and web hosting.

cable modem router/combo

9 Best Router Brands You Can Always Trust

Whether you’re searching for streaming capability, speed, or coverage area, there are many brands you need to consider when purchasing a wireless router. There is undoubtedly a vast range of options you need to evaluate and, for every great wireless router, there is an excellent brand that stands behind it. Here are our top wireless router’s brands in the today’s industry.

Best Tp Link Router


With over 20 years’ experience in Wi-Fi networking, TP-Link stands to be the most reliable provider of consumer WLAN devices and products.



Established way back in 2002, Netgear has continuously been at the top in the industry because of creating products which are widely known as the best in their class.



D-Link is undoubtedly the leading networking company. Having been featured as the world’s best IT Company, there’s no doubt its products are worth giving a try.



Linksys is one of the reasonably famous names in the industry of the wireless routers. Linksys enjoys longstanding popularity for producing excellent products.



It is without question that Asus is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the production of wireless routers, mobile devices, and computers.



Do we really have to familiarize you with Google when it’s actually your native language? Anyway, since 2015, this internet giant is again booming in the wireless market with top-of-the-line devices.



Apple has been very popular, not just for their products but also for great innovative ideas and technology. The brand name on itself is a surety of top-notch routers.



For over 20 years, Motorola has been the leading provider of networking routers and outstanding products. The brand dates back to 1928 when established as telecommunications Company.



Belkin has been ranked severally among the fastest growing private companies in the US. Recently, it has taken over the Linksys brand and produces excellent consumer electronics.

Shop from Top 7 Best-Sellers

The best-selling routers in the market do not necessarily have to be advanced or the recently innovated model.
Buyers always go for the credible products. It ought to be something that is reliable, dependable and would last a couple of decades.

How will you know that the brand is worth giving a try? Well, that’s easy; if it trusted by the majority of buyers, then it is a sure bet.

As you shop for a best-selling router, don’t think of advancement or an up-to-date technology that is invisible. Go for tangible reviews given by consumers who’ve got the experience.

Critical points to note before purchasing a wireless router

Owning a wireless router is more than just walking into a dealer, making an order and storming out without any idea of what you’re carrying. You have to understand a few things that may be significant in making a suitable choice.

There are countless wireless routers in the networking market, but not everything would meet your standard. You should look for quality and consider a router that has gained trust by most buyers.

Among the things to look for include, but not limited to, the speed, Wi-Fi range, price, quality and the available features. However, these factors also depend on the primary reason for buying the router; whether as a home network, in the office, SMEs or large businesses.

Frequently Used Terms

It is measured in bits per second (bps). The higher the speed of the router, the faster it is.

It is how far the network can cover. A moderate range would reduce expenses directed to the client, especially with minimal usage.

There are three options here, which is, single band, dual-band and tri-band. If you’ve got a good number of clients on your network, go for the latter.

This port allows you to connect an external drive to the router, in case you need file transfer.

Ethernet ports are meant for network sharing by acting as a modem.

Why you should get a wireless router?


Very convenient

No more struggling with tangled wires when you can take advantage of wireless connection and enjoy the flexibility.



Wireless routers can be carried with much ease wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about packaging the tedious wires anymore or finding a socket.

Multiple connections

Multiple connections

You are not limited to a single connection. Any device you have will be connected to the WiFi with a different IP address. If you’re a business person, you can have the router in your premises so that more customers can be attracted.


New Technology

You can connect it to your phone, laptop, PC, tablet or any other relevant device. No need of restraints such as sockets or cables.

Other Additional accessories you May buy together

Wifi extenders are devices which allows you to extend the range of your existing wireless network. Wifi extenders are also known as repeaters since they tend to repeat the network signal making it stronger.

Access points offer and maintains a more stable connection to the internet. They do so by giving an interface between the wired network and electronic devices via Wi-Fi.

An outdoor WiFi repeater enables you to access the internet when you are outdoor. It is primarily used to broaden or to double the coverage of your Wi-Fi network.

Powerline adapters are simple-to-install digital devices for modern homes. They offer you faster speeds than Wi-Fi if you’re linking far-located devices to your network.

Travel routers are kinds of home gateway routers which assist the user to connect their mobile gadgets conveniently wherever they are. With a travel router, you can link your gadgets in a single minute.

Dual WAN routers are routers which are equipped with two Internet ports and can be used to connect reliably to two internet connections.

PCI Wireless Cards are innovative devices which are put into computers that lack Wi-Fi capability to assist them to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

USB wireless network adapters are accessories which allows a desktop or a laptop to access wireless connection without the need to use a router or an Ethernet cable.

NAS Drives are multiple hard drives that are inserted in the bays of chassis and enclosed in a casing which is linked to a router. This gadget allows users who share a single router to view and use the files saved in the network storage.

Ethernet switches are used to join several parts of a network as well as a number of gadgets to a computer network and send data to every computer or device as it may be required.

Top internet service providers

Comcast Xfinity is one of the best overall ISP. Firstly, there’s no other ISP which serves as many states like this one; serves more than a whopping 41 states. It also offers speeds as fast as 2 Gbps and has multiple package options to suit different needs.

With Time Warner Cable, you’ll get the highest-speed Internet you require to play online games, stream video, download music and much more across multiple gadgets in your house without sacrificing performance or pushing your budget through the roof.

Cox is a great ISP offering internet plans with speeds which are specifically tailored for every user. Whether you are a casual surfer or you are a heavy Internet user, there is an Internet package for you at a very friendly price.

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